Where is The Circle Season 4 Contestant Today? Update

Truth, lies, and manipulative ties — the players of ‘The Circle‘ will do whatever it takes within this social media-based competition series for a chance to win a massive grand prize. TheThe goal of the game isPopularity but not the catch isA special-designed, titular messaging app isTheir only communication means, allowing them to remain anonymous (and catfishes). HoweverAmong some of these strategic contestants, season 4Was Crissa JacksonThe man who won the world over by playing an honest game. So now, let’s find out more about this “baller,” shall we?

Who is Crissa Jackson?

AlthoughBorn in La Mesa, California, Crissa JacksonHe was raised by loving parents and three siblings in Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaShe was born in, where she discovered her passion for basketball. SheShe actually perfected her skills at IMG Basketball AcademyIn FloridaYou must wait a year before you can play at the Savannah State UniversityIn GeorgiaLater the Point Loma Nazarene UniversityIn California. ButInstead of turning into a professional athlete after graduation CrissaShe eventually became a personal coach. isHer mentor encouraged her to pursue her dreams until then.

Where is The Circle Season 4 Contestant Today? Update

ThereforeFollowing a successful tryout, which she admittedly failed to nail, she was able to finally win. CrissaShe was the 13th woman to ever play for the renowned team of exhibition basketball players Harlem Globetrotters. InLate 2015 Crissa first stepped into the spotlight, yet she soon made a name for herself with her undeniable skills and “full-court vision,” which she said she’d rely upon during her time in ‘The Circle’ as well.

After all, the 31-year-old may have moved on to “do basketball-influenced social media content,” but she believed her experienced knack for understanding a game and its players would still help her along the way. “I know where the players are cutting, who’s behind me, who’s in front of me,” CrissaAs stated in the Netflix original, adding she wished to enter as herself because that’s who she really understands. “[I’m] super genuine, sweet, everybody’s sister from another mister.”

Crissa continued. “I’m a lesbian. I’m a female athlete. I’m a mom. I’m a wife. So I’m able to relate to so many different people. I’m sharing everything about my life. If they wanna know, just ask.” Honestly, CrissaHer authentic, chill vibe was highlighted. However, since she wasn’t as forthcomingIn “The Circle Chats” as she was in the private ones, she was considered a threat and soon booted off.

Where is Crissa Jackson Now?

Residing in New York CityCurrently, Crissa “Ace” Jackson isYou are not only a content writer on TikTok but also an author Instagram, but she’s also a motivational speaker and the co-founder of I AM Movement. TheLater isA non-profit organization that empowers women aged 6-18 years. CrissaRecently, she was married to her husband. AlexisShe has been with her husband for approximately 11 years. TheIn fact, the couple tied the knot in December 2017, yet they’ve been equal partners in everything, including (most importantly) the healthy upbringing of Alexis’ biological now-teen daughter OliviaFor years.

Asper Crissa’s own account in a Q&A video on the couple’s YouTube channel, she first “came into Olivia’s life when she was 4-years old,” and their connection has genuinely only grown from there. “When she was ready and felt comfortable, I was in her life a little bit longer, and she doesn’t call me mommy, but she considers me her mom,” the human rights and animal protection advocate added. “SheCall me CrissaWhich? isFine with me. I would never ask her to call my name anything. isIt is not something you are comfortable with. But when people ask, she says she has two moms.”

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