Where is the Geographer Today? Adak Island Update

TheIsland of Adak, Alaska, isA military base that was used during World War II is well-known. World War II. ButYears before that, a pirate was a common sight. isIt is believed that 150 cans containing gold coins worth more than $350 million were buried. Netflix’s ‘Pirate GoldThis is Adak Island’ chronicles Adak’s mayor, Thom SpitlerHe was on a quest to find this hidden treasure. theAssistance from a team of experts PartThat team is Dr. M Jackson, a famous geographer and glaciologist. So, let’s find out more about her then, shall we?

Who is Dr. M Jackson?

Growing up, M’s father worked as a welder and spent time on Adak. On theShow, she spoke about hearing many stories about thePlace from him and wished about visiting the area. M was instrumental in theTeam because of her geology knowledge and how to use it. theOver time, the landscape has changed. ThisWould be great! theTeam narrows down theThey hoped to find the area they were looking for theGold coins

M received her doctorate at the UniversityThis is OregonHer research focused on the effects of climate change. the glacier communities in IcelandIts people. ApartFrom receiving three US FulbrightShe used grants for her research TurkeyAnd IcelandShe was awarded a US Fulbright Ambassadorship. M spent a lot more time in Iceland, with her second Fulbright project being based in Höfn. She said, “the IcelandicPeople have strong relationships with their landscapes. is changing as theGlaciers recede. I would like to learn more about how rapid such change occurs. is culturally processed.”

In2018 M was made a TED Fellow FellowShe is now one of twenty people in the area. thePeople around the world who have made a huge impact on social change. TheMore than a decade has passed since geographer and glaciologist first arrived in the area. the ArcticDocumenting climate change and how it affects theThere are many communities. InM has also supervised several ArcticBackcountry trips and explored theMany glacial systems are a part the area.

Where is Dr. M Jackson Today?

M worked previously as a Peace Corps VolunteerIn Zambia and has a master’s degree from the UniversityThis is Montana. CurrentlyShe isAn Arctic ExpertFor the National Geographic SocietyThis guide serves as a guide. theThey also offer trips. In thePast, M was featured National Geographic’s ‘Into Water’ series. Besides traveling and exploration, M has written books like ‘While Glaciers Slept’ and ‘The Secret LivesThis is Glaciers.’ She isA public speaker is also possible. M lives in Eugene, Oregon, and was married to Jonathan MarshallSince almost six years, recently giving rise to a son.

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