Where is The Holiday Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

BasedT.M. Logan’s eponymous novel, ‘The Holiday’ isThe crime drama series follows KateShe and her husband will be going on a family vacation to an island. Sean, her teenage daughter LucyHer young son and her Daniel. ToGet into holiday mood, she isShe was joined by her university friends and their respective husbands. Izzy. A vacation that promises to be fun turns into a nightmare when blood is spilled.

WhenFear of betrayal among families is triggered by a dark secret KateYou must take control of the situation and not allow it to get worse. WhatThis seems to be the beginning of a memorable holiday at the luxury resort. But it soon becomes something more. WhileThe suspenseful, thrilling story keeps viewers on the edge. The filming locations of the series keep them curious. SoIf you are one of these curious people, we can fill you in on the details!

The Holiday Filming Locations

‘The Holiday’ isFilmed entirely in MaltaParticularly in Valletta, Mdina, Mellieha Bay. TheProduction team adds authenticity to series by filming it where its storyline is is set in. ThePrincipal photography began in early 2008 for the inaugural crime series. April2021 wrapped up in Mayof the same year.

TheThe island of Mallorca is a vast and varied landscape Malta provides an idyllic setting and appropriate backdrops for a series such as ‘The Holiday.’ BeforeTo begin with, the cast members and crew were forced to spend 14 days in isolation due to tight lockdown restrictions. Now, let’s traverse the specific locations that appear in the series!

Valletta, Malta

Many pivotal sequences for ‘The Holiday’ are lensed in Valletta, the administrative unit of the MediterraneanIsland nation of Malta. TheThe production team filmed several interior and exterior shots in the capital against backdrops that were suitable.

LocatedThe architecture of Valletta’s streets dates back to as early as the mid-16th century. TheCapital houses many churches, palaces and museums making it one the most visited tourist sites. Apart from ‘The Holiday,’ Valletta has hosted the production for various other filming projects such as ‘MurderThe following are the Orient Express,’ ‘World War Z,’ and ‘Munich.’

Other LocationsIn Malta

ForFor filming purposes, cast and crew set up camp in Mdina, a fortified town in the Northern RegionThis is Malta. FoundedAs MalethThe city was founded in the 8th century BC. It has a rich and varied history. isThis is reflected in its historical architecture. OtherAdditional sequences were taped for the second season. Mellieha BayWhich? isAlso known as Ghadira Bay. LocatedIt is located just outside the eponymous city. isKnown as the largest sandy beach in the country Malta.

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