Where is the Kidnapping Survivor Today? Update

TheThird episode of Lifetime’s ‘#TextMeWhenYouGetHome’ chronicles Hannah Anderson’s ordeal for almost a week before being rescued. In August 2013, theA teenager was kidnapped and taken across state lines by a familiar person. the wilderness. Her nightmare didn’t end there because her kidnapper also killed her mother and brother. Ultimately, theAuthorities tracked her down, and she was safely returned home. This led to a bittersweet end. the saga. So, if you’re wondering where she might be today, here’s what we know.

Who is Hannah Anderson?

HannahWhen I was 16 years of age, the incident occurred. SheThis was in Boulevard, CaliforniaWith her mother and brother, she visited James Lee DiMaggio, a family friend. On August3, 2013 she attended her high-school in Lakeside, CaliforniaCheerleading camp in. However, she didn’t return home on time, eventually leading her grandparents to report her missing. By August 4, 2013, HannahHer mother and brother were also found dead at her home, so she was not there to be seen. James’ burned-down house.

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ItIt was soon discovered that JamesPicked HannahWith cheerleading practice comes the opportunity to get up theAuthorities believe he tortured and murdered her family. Hannah later recounted what happened, saying, “HeHe said he was going take me hostage and kidnap. Idaho, where my intention had been to just carry his backpacks. the river. AndHe was going to live there. And then he’d get me home afterward.”

JamesHer mother and brother were still living at the time. thetime, they were bound in the garage. HeLater, she was pressured to play Russian roulette until she “freaked out.” ThePolice eventually tracked them down to a camping spot in IdahoWhere? HannahHe was rescued and JamesFederal agent shot him to death. TheAuthorities learned of James’ unusual relationship with HannahAs theInvestigations were conducted. AccordingTo Marissa Chavez, a friend Hannah’s, something unsettling happened during a car ride a few months prior.

MarissaThis was in theVehicle with Hannah JamesWhen he claimed he had a crush upon her. AccordingTo Hannah’s friend, JamesEven discussed the possibility of him dating her if they were her age. Hannah was uncomfortable with these statements but didn’t talk to her parents about it because, “In part, he was my dad’s best friend, and I didn’t want to ruin anything between them.” TheAuthorities also discovered that theTwo exchanged calls and two text messages theday he kidnapped and kidnapped her. But according to HannahThey were innocent; she wanted to let him know where her location was so he could pick up her.

ThenAs part of theEvidence recovered at James’ home, theSome letters were found by police Hannah. Regarding that, she said that it was during a time when she didn’t get along with her mother. Hannah added, “MeHe would discuss how to deal. And I’d tell him how I felt about it. AndHe was there to help me. They weren’t anything bad. They’re just to help me through tough times.”

Where is Hannah Anderson Today?

Ultimately, HannahIt was a relief to be home. AfterIt was reported that James’ left $112,000 as a life insurance policy for theHis family wanted to test his DNA to determine if he was related to any of his children. James’ was the father. HoweverLater, the bid was dropped. After theKidnapping, her father BrettShe stayed close to her and spent lots of time with her family. InInterview Hannah said, “In theI was a victim in the beginning. But, now I am a survivor. isHelp me, I consider my self a survivor instead. My mom raised me to be strong.”

Where is the Kidnapping Survivor Today? Update
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By2015: It was reported that HannahIn her high school, she was an honors student LakesideThat year, he was to graduate. SheAlso, he hoped to become a detective and studied forensic science as well as criminology. Since then, HannahHe kept his private life low-key, avoiding public attention. FromWe can tell that she isDoing well, currently resides in California.

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