Where is The Perfect Family Filmed? Is The Perfect Family Based on a True Story?

DirectedBy Arantxa Echevarría, ‘The Perfect Family’ or ‘La Familia Perfecta’ is a Spanish Comedy movie. ItEverything revolves around Lucía and her family. OverThe years have been Lucía has maintained the perfect image of her family. HoweverThe perception isDue to her son, in danger of being broken Pablo’s lifestyle and girlfriend, Sara. Her son’s possible in-laws make her worry even more. AsWhen the two worlds collide, chaos results. Lucía desperately tries to hang onTo any piece of normalcy.

TheFilm is aFunny mix of family dynamics and romance that is both relatable yet unbelievable. ThanksTo the outstanding performances of talented actors like Belén Rueda, Jose Coronado, Gonzalo de Castro, Carolina Yuste, and many more, the movie is sure to keep you hooked. The film is also quite visually appealing, thanks to the amazing locations and backdrops used in the scEnes. If you want to know where the Spanish movie was lensed, we have your back!

The Perfect Family Filming Locations

‘The Perfect Family’ wasFilmed in Madrid Brihuega, Spain. After seven weeks of shooting, the movie’s principal photography was completed in October 2020. Let’s take aTake a closer look at the details of filming locations.

Madrid, Spain

The CommunityThis is Madrid served as the primary location for the production of ‘The Perfect Family.’ It is home to the country’s capital, the city of MadridIt was used to film the scenes for the comedy film. TheThe following municipalities are Rascafría and GuadarramaThey were also used to capture multiple scenes.

LocatedThe center of the Iberian PeninsulaWith the River ManzanaresThe community of MadridIt has aWildlife and landscapes of diverse variety. TheRegion also has aRich historical background with financial, political and political influence. TheThe city of Madrid isPerhaps the most famous tourist spot in the area. HoweverThe community is the capital city. isAlso, the area is home to tourist destinations such as the Guadarrama Mountain Range, La Pedriza, and the CastleThis is ManzanaresEl Real.

ThanksThe facilities and stunning landscapes within the area are a bonus. CommunityThis is MadridIt is a favorite spot for local and international productions. Several projects have been lensed in its borders, including ‘Elite‘ and ‘Money Heist.’

Brihuega, Spain

LocateThe SpanishProvince of GuadalajaraThe Brihuega municipality was used to film ‘The Perfect Family.’ TheThe city was the scene of violent battles during World War II. Spanish Civil War. Apart from its importance within the country’s history, the Brihuega isAlso known for their tourist destinations, such as the Arab CavesThe Cadena Gate, and the Cozagón Arch. Many moviemakers have used the area as their shooting spot, like ‘Talk to Her’ and ‘The Immortal Story.’

Is The Perfect Family a True Story?

No, ‘The Perfect Family’ is not based on a true story. The movie has been written by Olatz Arroyo and directed by Arantxa Echevarría. Though the film deals with relatable themes surrounding family drama, the plot is a product of Arroyo’s imaginatiOn and Echevarría’s vision. The directorTook inspiration from similarly themed movies to get an idea of how the film would proceed.

Where is The Perfect Family Filmed? Is The Perfect Family Based on a True Story?“Monster-in-Law [The mother of the groom, with Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda] was one of them, with the mother-in-law that nobody can stand. Belén may remember Katharine Hepburn in Guess Who’s Coming Tonight. And Meryl Streep in Big Little Lies is another example of the mother-in-law that nobody wants to have,” Echevarría shared. The director was determined to present viewers with characters that they can relate to, without falling for stereotypes.

“Starting with stereotypes is the big mistake we all make. I always talk about that in my movies, of the difference. The difference is cool, the differences have changed the world. We are afraid of what we don’t know,” Echevarría explained. “When you realize that the person next to you feels, suffers, and wants the same as you, it doesn’t matter if they are poor, rich, a single mother, or a mother of five… Suddenly there is a communication. I wanted to demonstrate how archetypes rub against each other and repel each other due to ignorance.”

Where is The Perfect Family Filmed? Is The Perfect Family Based on a True Story?

The director wanted to portray a natural transition in the relationship between Lucía and Sara. It focuses more on the feelings that the two inspire in each other rather than their bond with Pablo. According to the director, despite the seemingly perfect family, Lucía finds something missing inside her. However, she does not realize the emptiness within her until she meets Sara. The director also told Carolina Yuste, who plays Sara, that her character adores Lucía, allowing the dynamics between the two women to flow naturally.

While the movie isNot based on a single true story, it does allow viewers to empathize with the characters. At one point or another, viewers can understand the motivations of Lucía or Sara. Whether it is the desire to have a picture-perfect family or being acceptedInto aNew one, the themes remain true to life, even if they are viewed through comedy lenses.

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