Where is the Scammer Today? Sympathy Pains Update

Neon Hum Media and iHeartRadio’s podcast ‘Sympathy Pains’ hosted by Laura Beil, chronicles theStory of Sarah Delahsmit. For years, SarahA pattern of lying and telling false stories about false illnesses was displayed by her friend, who claimed she was ill or that her child was ill. However, theFinally, lies are finally caught up to SarahMany people were shocked and amazed at her behavior. So, if you’re wondering what happened to her since then, here’s what we know.

Who is Sarah Delashmit?

In2015 and 2016 Sarah DelashmitFrom Illinois, attended Camp SummitIn Texas. ItA camp for people with disabilities that was non-profit. At the time, SarahIn a wheelchair, she claimed to have muscular dystrophy which paralyzed her. theLie your neck down. SheA specialized wheelchair was used and required assistance with even the simplest tasks. theThe most basic of things, such as getting dressed and taking a shower.

Where is the Scammer Today? Sympathy Pains Update
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HoweverPeople at theCamp were impressed with Sarah’s attitude, and she fit in just right. ThenDuring her second visit, someone told her theOfficials said she was lying about being in an electric wheelchair and having muscular dystrophy. WhenConfronted in shocking news SarahJust got up theLeft and wheelchair ThisThis led me to dig deeper into her past, which only revealed more bizarre details.

During the 2000s, SarahParticipated in an internet community for spinal muscular atrophy. ThereShe used different names and posed like different people. As ConnieShe was theMother of a boy with SMA. But after reading Connie’s posts, theOther users felt that certain things were not right and began to search for more information. Andrea SmithWho moderated? thecommunity, and that they have learned theThe same email was used in 2003 by a user of a Muscular Dystrophy chat board; this person allegedly had the same email. theWhile posting in, you can get sick the community.

Furthermore, theThe same email was used in an internet community for teenagers with breast cancer. AndreaThen, he spoke to theFBI, who helped her to theAuthorities in Highland, Illinois, Sarah’s hometown. When theShe admitted to lying when confronted by officers ButIt turned out that there was more to it than you thought. Sarah that they didn’t know. BackIn 2003, while at university, she lied that she had recovered from leukemia as an infant and later claimed that it returned. Sometime2008 Sarah even used someone else’s photographs on her social media to portray that she was pregnant and had given birth to triplets.

In October 2012, SarahIn, he was a nurse Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and lied to about getting pregnant with twins. thePremature births of babies ThenThere was Erin JohnsonWho met? Sarah2005, at a camp for people who have disabilities. At the time, SarahHe was a counselor there. ErinThe patient, who was diagnosed as having cerebral palsy, visited the camp. TheyTheir friendship was continued theNext decade: SarahSharing stories and images about her non-existent husband. SheEven lied to ErinHow to recover from three types cancer Ebola.

SarahAlso, befriend them Liz Brian HickoxIn 2018, she told them that she had stage four breast cancer and that her husband was suffering from PTSD. Sarah even visited theA couple in their vacation home FloridaMany times. The HickoxesVolunteered at a New YorkA non-profit that is based on the needs of young people with breast cancer. After Sarah’s false claim of cancer, theThe organization provided financial assistance and donated items, including a bicycle.

Where is Sarah Delashmit Now?

Sarah’s behavior with the HickoxesBecomes stranger with time. March2019: She lied to them about being stalked at a Walmart. SoonAfter that, they discovered about Sarah’s history of lies and even appeared on Dr. PhilWith her. At the time, Sarah said, “I have a lying addiction. I can’t remember the last time I met someone and told them my real truth.” SheThen, he apologized. Liz BrianFor the deception.

Where is the Scammer Today? Sympathy Pains Update
Image Credit: Dr. Phil/YouTube

But Sarah’s troubles didn’t end there. In October2020 She pleaded guilty five counts mail fraud. In January 2021, SarahAt 36, he was sentenced to 18-months in prison followed by three years supervision. TheThe court also ordered her pay a fine, and to make full restitution. theShe defrauded non-profit organisations. SarahIn publication March2022 after having served 11 months and refusing to talk about it the case. ItIt seems that she now resides in HighlandAnd he has reconnected with his family and friends. While it’s unclear what SarahShe is currently employed at an, but she was previously employed at an AmazonFulfillment center and work for Doordash Southwest Airlines.

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