Where is The Terminal List Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

BasedOn Jack Carr’s eponymous novel, ‘The Terminal List’ is an action thriller series that revolves around Lieutenant Commander James ReeceWhom the entire team of NavySEALs isWhile on a secret mission, they are suddenly attacked. Miraculously enough, JamesAfter the fatal ambush, he is the only survivor. UponWhen he returns to his family, he experiences flashbacks and feels guilty.

HoweverSoon enough, new evidence will be available. JamesHe realizes that there are evil forces conspiring against him. ThisNot only does it put his life at risk, but so do his loved ones. TheNarrative has many intriguing elements. These include the suspense surrounding ambush, visual flashbacks, and the suspense surrounding the ambush. JamesKeep envisioning, and the action-packed sequences. TheseYou will be hooked every episode. ButWhat makes the series stand out is the number of locations. IfIf you’re curious about the subject, we might have some interesting information for you!

The Terminal List Filming Locations

‘The Terminal List’ isFilmed in CaliforniaParticularly in the CountiesThis is San BernardinoAnd Los Angeles, and the City of San Diego. ThePrincipal photography began in 2008 for the inaugural season of the conspiracy thriller series. March2021 wrapped up in AugustThe same year. SinceThe book and the narrative are based on this text CaliforniaIt makes sense that the series be shot in the area. Golden State too. This isSomething that Chris Pratt (James Reece) preferred to do as he also resides in CaliforniaHe revealed this in a JuneInterview with 2022 The Washington Post. Now, let’s take a look at the specific locations that serve as filming sites for the action series!

Los Angeles County, California

Several sequences for ‘The Terminal List’ are lensed in Los Angeles CountyThe most populous county in the country is CaliforniaThe United States. In May2021. The cast & crew were spotted filming crucial scenes for the second season. Santa Clarita Valley. It isA part of the upper Watershed of the Santa Clarita River, and the City of Santa Clarita isIts main population center.

AdditionalParts of season 1 of the thriller series were also taped at the beachfront city. Hermosa BeachIn April 2021. Chris PrattAs the production team recorded scenes at a bar in the area, he was seen looking almost unrecognizable. MoreoverThey even seem to use the facilities of Paramount StudiosAt 5555 Melrose AvenueIn the Hollywood neighborhood. TheStudio has 30 well-equipped stages that can accommodate almost any production requirement. OtherThere is more to it than that. isAll these stages have wireless networking and internet accessibility. MillSpace is also important.

Lake Arrowhead, California

As per reports, for filming the last episode of ‘The Terminal List,’ the cast and crew traveled to Lake Arrowhead, an unincorporated community and a census designated place San Bernardino County. In August2021: The production team was spotted filming a scene on a boat in and around Lake Arrowhead. MostThe filming was reportedly done at the lakefront estate. Glen KeaneAnd the neighboring Doheny property. WhereasA few lake sequences were also recorded by Shelter Cove DriveThe Blue Tower outlet. InIn addition, security was tightened along the coast due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. North Shore RoadAnd Robinhood LaneIn Lake ArrowheadKeep the set secure.

San Diego, California

TheProduction team of the Chris PrattSome sequences are also shot by -starrer San Diego, a major metropolis in CaliforniaOn the coast of Pacific Ocean. Since military and defense-related activities are quite prominent in the city’s economy, filming some scenes for ‘The Terminal List’ in the CityThis is San DiegoIdeal. OtherOther than this action-packed series of movies, there are many other movies and TV shows have also been filmed in the city, including ‘Thor,’ ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle,’And ‘The Last Ship.’

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