Where is This Fool Filmed? Hulu Filming Locations

Createdby the team Chris Estrada, Jake Weisman, Matt Ingebretson, Pat Bishop, Hulu’s ‘This Fool’ (originally titled ‘Punk Ass Bitch’) isA comedy series that isInspiration loosely taken from the real life of a stand-up comedian, and co-creator. Chris Estrada. TheNarrative revolves around Julio LopezA gentle, soft-hearted man who may not be able to help himself, but makes sure he is happy. isHe is a great help to those around him. HeWorks for a non-profit organization Hugs Not ThugsSince high school, he has been in an ongoing relationship with his girlfriend.

InThe comedic narrative is what the viewers are taken on. Julio’s journey as he tries to make his community better, get over some co-dependency issues with his family, and go through his working-class life in the city. The use of satire throughout the series tickles the viewers’ funny bone, keeping them hooked on it from the beginning to the end. MoreoverThe fascinating use of different locations JulioDeals with several gang members is likely to make one wonder about the actual filming sites of ‘This Fool.’ InIf you are one of these curious souls, let us rid you of all your curiosity!

This Fool Filming Locations

‘This Fool’ isFilmed entirely inside CaliforniaSpecifically, across Los Angeles. ThePrincipal photography began in 2008 for the first iteration. November2021 wrapped up in February 2022. TheThe filming unit also took a winter vacation around ChristmasIn December2021 and returned to work January 2022. SinceThe story isBased in South Central Los AngelesYou can see why the production team used the locales of the CityOf AngelsTo shoot the Hulu series. Now, without further ado, let’s navigate all the specific locations that appear in the show!

Los Angeles, California

A majority of the pivotal sequences for ‘This Fool’ isLensed in and around Los Angeles, a major South Californian city. InIn particular, the CBS facilities were used by the cast and crew of the comedy series. Studio CenterAlso known as Radford Studio Center). Locatedat 4024 Radford AvenueIn Studio CityThe film studio is home to eighteen soundstages and more than 210,000 square feet of additional office space, making it a favorable filming site for almost all kinds of productions, including ‘This Fool.’

MoreoverThe production team appears to have travelled across the country. Entertainment CapitalYou can find the WorldTo tape different scenes against appropriate backdrops LA isIt is very popular for its MediterraneanClimate, cultural diversity and bustling metropolitan areas are all part of the appeal of this city. It also has strong ties to other cities. Hollywood industry. InThere are also many museums and landmarks throughout the city, including The. Los Angeles County MuseumOf ArtThe Huntington LibraryThe Natural History MuseumThe CathedralOf Our LadyYou can find the Angels, Wilshire Grand CenterTo name just a few. Over the years, movies and TV shows like ‘Boogie Nights,’ ‘Avatar,’ ‘Independence Day,’ ‘The BookOf Boba Fett,’ and ‘Ghost Whisperer’ have all been shot in LA.

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