Where is Timothy Frederick Johnson Now? Update

Judith Therianos’ trip to Florida2016 was a rough year for her. ButIn April2016 Her remains decomposing were discovered in New Port Richey, FloridaThis marked the beginning a homicide investigation. Investigation Discovery’s ‘The Murder Tapes: Jane Doe’ chronicles how surveillance video and a confession led the authorities to figure out what happened in Judith’s last moments alive. So, if you’re curious to find out more, here’s what we know.

How Did Judith Therianos Die?

Judith TherianosOriginal source: MaineAnd was born in September 1963. SheShe loved to travel and would often take her family on trips. GreeceWhen she was younger. TheThe 52-year old was described as a caring and loving person. She had previously worked at a nursing home and volunteered at a bookstore. TheMother of three had traveled to FloridaIn February2016 to care for a friend who is sick

AtThe time is now JudithLiving in Tampa Bay, Florida, and helped her friend out by working temporary jobs at the same time. ButShe suddenly vanished in March 2016. TheThe next month, on April7 A woman discovered skeletonized remains in a wooded region. New Port Richey. As per the show, her shirt was pulled up, and the body’s position indicated possible sexual assault. JudithShe was identified by fingerprints and her cause of her death was blunt force trauma on the head; her skull had been crushed.

Who Killed Judith Therianos?

TheInitial examinations by authorities were positive CharlieThe man who dropped her at work. March 13, 2016. HoweverHe was eventually ruled out of the picture as a suspect. AccordingTo the show CharlieAccording to the police, Judith had lived with him for a while before she disappeared and he couldn’t reach her on the phone later. TheThe investigators then began looking through surveillance footage from local businesses.

Where is Timothy Frederick Johnson Now? Update

Then, a video by March13, 2016 JudithA liquor store where you can buy alcohol. AnotherPerson accompanied her, and authorities released a screenshot to the public, in hopes of finding leads. TheyThe show gave them a break when a man identified the person with JudithAs Timothy Frederick JohnsonThen, 25. ThisFurther, man stated that TimothyHe was talking about killing Judith.

TimothyAlso, he had a criminal past with a no-contest plea to misdemeanor battery June 2015. HeHe was also charged in connection with probation violation and resisting an officer of the police December 2015. In January 2016, Timothy was arrested after breaking into his former roommate’s house with a knife. AccordingThe show revealed that the ex-roommate threatened to cut her up in his past.

However, TimothyIn publication February 2016. The authorities didn’t have to look too far for him after JudithHe was in jail since he was last seen. March23, 2016 for a probation breach. AsAccording to the show, he admitted to having consensual sex with Judith but didn’t reveal any more information. HoweverOther inmates came forward with additional information, saying that TimothyConfession to the murder JudithDescribed what happened.

TheInvestigation revealed that liquor purchases were not made after the purchase. TimothyAnd JudithI went to the field and found her. ThereThey had sex and she asked him to stop. However, Timothy didn’t want to, and he ended up choking her until she stopped breathing. ThenHe had sex and beat up his girlfriend. Judith. After that, TimothyShe used her card to eat at a restaurant, then returned to have sex with her body again.

Where is Timothy Frederick Johnson Today?

Where is Timothy Frederick Johnson Now? Update

LaterAccording to the authorities, TimothyTo get rid of the evidence, I bought rubbing alcohol. TheyThe bottle was located in the area. JudithIt was located. TimothyHe was eventually found guilty in first-degree murder. October2017 was sentenced to life imprisonment HeHe was also convicted of two counts for aggravated assault in connection with the January2016 incident, for the which he was awarded five years each. PrisonAccording to records, TimothyIs still in prison at the Union Correctional InstitutionIn Raiford, Florida.

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