Where is XXXTentacion’s Ex-Girlfriend Today? Update

With Hulu’s ‘Lookat Me: XXXTentacion’ delving deep into the real, untold story of the polarizing artist who sadly lost his life in 2018, his and Geneva Ayala’s relationship isBack into the spotlight AfterAll truth, isHis true rise to fame was twistedly fueled by his domestic violence allegations against her, which makes his legacy very complicated. So now that she has publicly claimed their bond “was kind of like a fairy tale, but a really grim one,” let’s find out more about her past experiences as well as her current whereabouts, shall we?

Who is Geneva Ayala?

BornA mother who wasn’t interested in children and a dad who was always busy with 13 other people. Geneva Ayala’s upbringing was not steady in any way, shape, or form. She’d moved in with her grandmother at the age of 4, returned to her mother at around 12, and was then suddenly kicked out at 16 because the latter, pregnant, wished to start anew with her boyfriend. The teen subsequently house hopped, lived with neighbors, or stayed at her uncle’s motel for brief stints, all the while spending most of her time online in a genuine attempt to make friends.

Where is XXXTentacion's Ex-Girlfriend Today? Update

That’s how Geneva came across XXXTentacion, or Jahseh Onfroy, who’d reportedly reached out to her upon noticing that her then-boyfriend had posted an explicit picture of her without consent. He’d insisted on fighting him on her behalf despite not knowing her, leading to their first meeting in November 2014 — though the physical brawl between the two males never occurred. The duo spent the following four days together, and it was pretty intense since they went as far as to cut the word “alone” into his arm to match her thigh scars, as per the Hulu original.

Once Geneva and XXXTentacion parted ways on the fourth night, though, they didn’t see each other for almost 18 months, and that’s when they began their abusive relationship. According to the documentary, they’d immediately moved in together, so he not only made her quit her job within the first week, but he also ensured she felt like he was the only one who’d ever love her. TheirThe connection was toxic and manipulative. He allegedly beat her, made threats, or held her head in the bathtub while promising to drown it.

Where is Geneva Ayala Now?

Geneva admittedly cheated on XXXTentacion while he was in jail for an unrelated charge (later dropped), as per ‘Lookat Me,’ after which the physical, mental, and emotional abuse went too far. She thus chose to run away before eventually filing a police report, yet she ostensibly never expected things to turn out the way they did — she wanted to get away from him, not have him be jailed. AccordingTo the HuluOriginal, but GenevaShe was scared and hurt.

XXXTentacion was openly honest about his innocence up to his death. However, the documentary makes it look like he tried hard to make amends behind closed-doors. His family allegedly believes Geneva. That’s because he’d broken the no-contact court order to stay in touch with his ex, and they’d even spent more time together, which isWhy she was so devastated by his passing. We should mention that when she’d set up a GoFundMeCampaign to pay for the corrective procedures she required after one of the alleged attacks in 2016. X had donated $5,000.

“Everyone was like, you are ruining his career, but at the same time, I felt my whole life was ruined because nobody even cared,” GenevaThe documentary said so. “AfterThat was when I was homeless. I lived in a hotel. [for] almost a year… I was just trying to say what happened. If you are going to think I’m a liar, I’m a liar. HowHow can I fight that? I’m only one person. ItThis was a very dark time in my life. There was no way to stop it.” HoweverFrom what we can tell it seems as if the Florida-based author of ‘Broken Reflections’ now has a sense of closure and isSlowly, she is able to get back on her feet and move on in her life.

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