Where Is Yaser Abdel Said Now? Update

ResidentsThis is Irving, TexasThey were shocked when they heard the news. Amina Sarah SaidThey were found dead in a taxi after being shot to death. AlthoughThe police initially believed there was outside interference. However, evidence soon revealed that the truth was closer to home. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Sins Of The Father: DrivenTo Murder’ chronicles the tragic incident and shows how the ensuing investigation unraveled a dark and unnerving murder plot. IfIf you are interested in the case and would like to know more about the accused, we can help.

How Did Amina Sarah Said Die?

Amina18, and Sarah,17, lived and worked in the city IrvingTogether with their parents. TheirThe father had been brought over by the United StatesFrom EgyptAlthough he was not too tolerant of the freedoms offered by the US, the show did mention that. TheTeenagers excelled in academics and were both athletes as well as honor students. Lewisville High School. TheyThey were very popular in their community and at school. People who knew them described them as happy and energetic individuals. Amina SarahThey had high aspirations for the future, and their untimely deaths are difficult to accept.

On January1.08.08: A passer-by saw an abandoned taxi parked at what was then the entrance to the building. Omni Mandalay Hotel. HoweverHe was greeted with a horrifying sight as the car’s interior was covered with blood. UponOn closer inspection, he also saw two unresponsive girls. He immediately notified the police. OnceThe crime scene was discovered by first responders who arrived on the scene. Sarah AminaAfter being shot multiple time, the victim was forced to lie in the car. TheyBoth were savagely beaten and declared dead by medical examiners. The inside of the car, including the seats, steering wheel, everything, was covered in the girl’s blood, and an autopsy later determined that death was caused due to multiple bullet wounds.

Who Killed Amina and Sarah Said?

AsThe girls were both high school students and teenagers, so the police didn’t know why anyone would want them to be hurt in such a horrific way. EvenTheir friends and the community were shocked at the horrifically brutal nature of this crime. InitiallyAfter conducting several interviews, the police tried to create a list of suspects. TheyIn the hope of finding a lead, we even went to the area.

Where Is Yaser Abdel Said Now? Update

NeverthelessThe show mentioned that detectives made their first breakthrough when family members provided accounts that claimed that they had made that discovery. Amina SarahTheir father abused them both mentally and physically. Yaser Abdel Said. ReportsAccording to their father, he didn’t like how Westernized his daughters were becoming and so he reportedly became quite controlling and took matters into himself. InterestinglyIn 1998, both teens accused their father sexually assaulting them. TheTheir mother supported their claims, but the case was ultimately thrown out of court. StillThe accusations against YaserAccording to reports, he refused to die. SarahShe had heard her father threatening death and she had overheard it. AminaWhen he found out that she had a boyfriend.

ThroughThe investigation revealed that authorities had discovered that just before the deaths, both were in their late twenties. Sarah AminaThey were involved in AmericanBoys, which didn’t sit well with Yaser. BesidesThe bodies of the girls’ were found inside. Yaser’s taxi. HoweverOnce detectives reached to speak to you, Amina Sarah’s father, they realizedThat he had seemingly skipped town and was nowhere to be found.

Where Is Yaser Abdel Said Now?

Where Is Yaser Abdel Said Now? Update

Confident that YaserThe police launched a nationwide search for him after he was implicated in the deaths. In fact, he was also on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted FugitivesList since 2014. UltimatelyPolice finally found the father of two after years of searching August2020 and he was indicted on capital murder charges. HoweverThe case is currently pending before the court. Yaserremains in the custody Texas police.

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