Where is You Don’t Know Me Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations

BasedThe 2017 eponymous crime novel Imran Mahmood, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ isA BritishCrime drama series that revolves around a young male, known as HeroWho is it? isAssassinated in murder. ConsideringHe must be able to prove his innocence by hiring the best lawyers because of the overwhelming evidence against him. HoweverHe decides not to do so and tells his story in the way he sees fit in front of the jury. HisAmazing story isThe story of the love of his lifetime and how he got himself into serious trouble.

HeroHe claims that he did all he could to save his wife and swears that it was true isNot guilty It isThe jury will decide if the compassionate story is true. isBelieve it or not. Thesuspenseful narration with Hero’s side of the story against the mountain of evidence against him tends to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats, trying to figure out the authenticity behind his words. At the same time, the transitions in locations, from the courtroom to the flashback scenes, also preoccupies the viewers’ minds. IfIf you have any questions about the production locations, we can help!

You Don’t Know Me Filming Locations

‘You Don’t Know Me’ isFilmed in EnglandSpecifically, in BirminghamThe town of Redditch. EvenThe narrative is still compelling isSet in the heart south LondonThe incredibly diverse landscape of BirminghamDoes a great work of standing in London. MoreoverThe architecture in Birmingham isIt is very similar to many other places in the capital, making the location a good production location for the crime series. ThePrincipal photography for the inaugural iteration seems to have begun in March2021 wrapped up in the SummerThe same year. Now, let’s walk in Hero’s shoes and navigate the locations showcased in the series!

Birmingham, England

A majority of ‘You Don’t Know Me’ isFilmed in and around Birmingham, the largest and most populous city in the metropolitan borough of England’s West Midlands. TheAccording to reports, the production team used a tower block with 13 stories. Saxelby HouseThe council cleared all of it for demolition. Druids Heath. InYou can replicate this page. London’s famous Camden ArchesThey used this method in season 1. Allison Streetat Digbeth. ThereThere are several restaurant sequences that were recorded in the first season. Adam’s at New Oxford House,16 Waterloo Street.

AsThe court scenes shown in the series are lensed. The Priory Rooms Meeting & Conference Centre. It isLocated at Quaker Meeting House, 40 Bull Street. MoreoverA few scenes that were pivotal to the inaugural season were also recorded in Bromford, Birmingham’s City Centre, Nechells. InAdditionally, some exterior and interior shots for season 1 were also shot in this location. National Exhibition CentreYou can find it at North AvenueIn Marston Green, just outside Birmingham.

Redditch, England

The production team of ‘You Don’t Know Me’ also made a stop in the town of RedditchTo shoot additional scenes for the first iteration. SpecificallyThey used the facilities of the FlyBy Nite Rehearsal Studios. LocatedOn Broad Ground RdIn RedditchThe studio space is a spacious and highly-specified rehearsal space that can be used for different types of productions. TheClub scenes from the first season were captured in Lions Den restaurant. It isYou can find it at Lodge RoadIn Redditch.

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