Where Was A Very British Scandal Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

CreatedBy Sarah Phelps, ‘A Very British Scandal’ is a historical drama series of immense fascination. This masterful handling of history comes from the same production house that delivered us ‘A Very English Scandal.’ TheThis series chronicles the turbulent marriage of Margaret Campbell Ian CampbellThe popularly known as Duke DuchessThis is Argyll. FromThe inception of their romance leads us to the famed 1963 ArgyllCompare ArgyllDivorce case that is the talk of town BehindIts extraordinary production value allows it to reflect on themes like adultery and violence, drug abuse, forgery, alcoholism, and the woman question.

FollowingThe BBC’s original network broadcasts the premiere of the limited series. OneIt was praised by critics and the public for its neutral and admirable handling of sensitive topics in popular imagination and concerns about the 1960s political and social climate. Scotland. YouOne may be able see how difficult it can be to create an authentic timepiece. This makes one wonder what the cast and crew thought of creating such a contagious atmosphere. IfThe thought is bothering you. Let’s get to it.

A Very British Scandal Filming Locations

‘A Very British Scandal’ was filmed in locations in around the UK, especially in Scotland and London. SinceThe history of the show is deeply rooted in the production. BritainTo maintain authenticity, the cast and crew had the task of filming the majority of the series at real locations. Si Bell, known for his work on ‘Peaky Blinders‘ and ‘Pennyworth,’ came on board as the cinematographer. OnOn the other side, Christina Moore, who was in the art departmentThis is ‘Game of Thrones,’ handled the production design.

ThanksThe UK is a prime location for television and movies due to its remarkable preservation of historical heritage and fascinating lineage. AsThis series focuses on a chapter that is deeply ingrained in the mind. BritishHistory aside, the production team wanted to take the viewers to actual locations. TheyFilmed scenes in many iconic heritage buildings, as well as some lesser-known ones. LetWe’ll now take your to the locations where the series was filmed.

Argyll Bute, Scotland

Where Was A Very British Scandal Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

TheStory is about the DukeThis is ArgyllHow is it possible that the production crew would leave their abode at the duke’s? WeI can attest to the fact that the exteriors are beautiful. Inveraray CastleThe series’ exterior scenes are very realistic, as the crew actually filmed them outside the castle. Situatedat InverarayThe county seat of Argyll, at the shore of Loch FyneThis country house boasts one of the earliest examples Gothic Revival architecture. IfThe town is accessible between March OctoberTake a look at this tempting slice of ScottishHistory is yours.

Where Was A Very British Scandal Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

YouYou can relax in the vast gardens, or take a look inside the castle. ThisThe castle is the same location that stands for Duneagle CastleThe Crawley family’s holiday retreat in ‘Downton Abbey.’ HoweverThe production team contacted a number of suppliers to help with the interior scenes as well as the gardens. Ardkinglas House, Category AHeritage building listed Argyll. TheBuildings are located in the eastern half of Loch Fyne, near the village CairndowIn the same Argyll ButeCouncil area

Glen Etive, Scotland

Where Was A Very British Scandal Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

IanDrives MargaretThrough lush and breathtaking scenery, he made his way to his ancestral home during the series’ first episode. ThoseScenes were shot in and around Glen EtiveThe glen is a major (narrow) valley and wildlife conservation area. Scotland. PartThe Ben Nevis Glen Coe National Scenic Area, Glen EtiveThe approximate start time is at the Kings HouseThe stretch stretches to the length of 30km Loch Etive. DueTo the abundance of nature MoorishGeography, the Glen is a popular filming destination, as depicted in blockbusters like ‘Braveheart‘ and ‘Skyfall.’

Edinburgh, Scotland

Where Was A Very British Scandal Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

AsThe series seamlessly blends two timelines of events. MargaretArrive at court in the earliest possible sequence to begin the divorce trial. TheScene was also shot at the actual location. Theiconic CourtThis is SessionIn Edinburgh’s Parliament HouseThe team was allowed to film exterior scenes on location. LocatedIn Parliament Square at a stone’s throw from St. Giles’ CathedralThe CourtThis is SessionIt is an integral part of Scotland’s legal history.

London, England

Thecrew also filmed scenes around and in the area of the Big Smoke. Ealing Town Hall, Grade II listed municipal building in New BroadwayThe EalingNearby of London, stands in place of the interior scenes Edinburgh Court. TheAlso, building appeared in Netflix movie ‘The Dig.’ The solicitor’s office, where MargaretSigns her divorce papers, located at 6 Fitzroy SquareIn London’s Fitzrovia. TheUnique townhouses built from archaic Sandstone add an antique charm to the unique. London square.

Where Was A Very British Scandal Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

AThe scene also features a few other scenes Rivoli Ballroom350 – A nightclub. Brockley Road. LocatedWithin the London BoroughThis is LewishamThe ballroom is renowned for being the only remaining 1950s ballroom in the country. ItIt showcases art deco architecture and interior fittings that reflect 50s nostalgia. InAnother memorable scene MargaretIntroduces her parents to the DukeThis is Argyll. TheScene was filmed at Sheraton Grand London Park LaneLocated in the heart of London, the 5-star hotel is a luxurious and elegant choice. Piccadilly SquareThe heart of London.

Where Was A Very British Scandal Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

SeveralOther tourist destinations are also included in the series. Palm Court Brasserie39 is home to the famous city diner. King StreetIn London. The location for the gentlemen’s club, White’s, is Goldsmiths’ Hall, GradeI listed building at crossing of Foster Lane Gresham Street. WhileThe Goldsmiths’ HallThe original home of the White’s, the 11th DukeThis is ArgyllHe was indeed a member. The LondonHome sequences Ian MargaretFilmed outside the Mayfair48-unit townhouse Upper Grosvenor Street.

The GradeII was the actual residence. Duke DuchessThis is Argyll60s. The DukeThis is ArgyllMeets his future wife in The Night FerryA boat train that would depart at London’s Victoriastation, reaching Paris’ Gare du NordIn 11 hours. HoweverIf you were thinking of getting on the train, it would be a disappointment to learn that it was stopped operating in 1980. ThereforeThe scenes were created elsewhere. MoreoverSome scenes were shot on a site near west. London.

Kent, England

Where Was A Very British Scandal Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

TheCast and crew also went to Kent CountyTo film some scenes. The Golden ArrowTrain ride in the historic Tenterden Town station. AsAn integral part of the Kent East Sussex RailwayTourists still frequent the station. YouYou may even be able to ride the Bluebell RailwayA famous heritage railway, which operates a revivalist train network complete with authentic Pullman Cars.

Buckinghamshire, England

Where Was A Very British Scandal Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

For Maureen’s house, the filming unit visited the iconic West Wycombe ParkThe character is well-known for its many appearances in movies and TV shows. ConstructedBetween 1740 and 1800 in the vicinity of the village West WycombeIn BuckinghamshireThe country estate boasts decadent features Neoclassical architecture. From ‘The Crown‘ to ‘X-Men: First Class,’ a diverse range of productions have visited the location from time to time.

Bedfordshire, England

TheCrew also visited the county of BedfordshireFilm scenes at the Luton Hoo HotelA five-star hotel for tourists at The Mansion HouseIn the village Luton. The Claridge’s scenes were filmed in the iconic hotel, another popular filming destination in the country. From ‘The ImportanceThis is Being Earnest’ to ‘Enola Holmes,’ the estate has handled remarkable productions.

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