Where Was Angelyne’s 10-Storey High Portrait Located? Does it Still Exist?

‘Angelyne’ on PeacockFollow the story of the Los AngelesThe same icon, who was famous for her appearances on billboards in the city. DuringThe 1980s and 1990s AngelyneHer hidden past becomes more and more popular, attracting the attention of journalists and talk show hosts. WhenAn article that reveals Angelyne’s childhood is subsequently published, the LA icon remains mum on many of the details it provides.

TheSeries is inspired by the true-life story of the real-life. AngelyneShe was a symbol of Los Angeles, thanks to her strategically placed billboards. ApartThe iconic hoarding on Sunsetboulevard, this series also features a 10-story high portrait featuring the pink-clad icon. Considering AngelyneShe was well-known for her iconic visage being displayed all around town. Many of those billboards featured in the show actually existed. Sunset Boulevard. ButWhat about the 10-story painting of her? Here’s what happened to it.

Where Was Angelyne’s 10-Storey High Portrait Located?

Before she became the “billboard queen,” Angeline was part of her one-time boyfriend’s band called Baby Blue. FollowingShe began a solo career in music after this. itShe met her at the time she was trying to promote her self titled album. Hugo MaisnikShe would eventually become her manager. With Maisnik’s help, billboards featuring AngelyneThe city saw more than 200 people at one time. The pivotal sign on Sunset Boulevard was put up in 1984 and was actually the popular icon’s first billboard.

Where Was Angelyne's 10-Storey High Portrait Located? Does it Still Exist?

By1987 was the year that a more ambitious project was undertaken. It featured an art piece. AngelyneIt was located in a prominent LA area. The85 foot mural AngelyneThe $22,000 cost to cover the car’s hood was allegedly paid for by her manager. ItsIt was also an iconic location. The art piece occupied south side of the building. Hollywood Plaza HotelOn Vine Street in downtown Los Angeles.

Angelyne’s portraits around town became so popular that they remained cult references for years. Apart from appearing in the 1997 action thriller ‘Volcano,’ her billboards were also featured on the opening montage of the television series ‘Moonlighting’ and were even referenced in popular shows like ‘The Simpsons.’

While a “previous manager” papered HollywoodThese posters are relatively small in size, measuring 2 by 3 feet Angelyne, MaisnikSignage became more ambitious and billboards were purchased around the city. ThusThe popularity of the local celebrity started to increase, provoking widespread curiosity.

DoesThe Portrait Still Exist?

ThePortrait of 10-story high AngelyneOn the side of Hollywood Plaza HotelSadly, her billboards have long since vanished. Apparently, the mural went against the city’s visual pollution ordinance at the time. TheArtist who painted itWas cited for failing get the approval Cultural Affairs Commission. Though itIt is unclear when exactly the mural was taken down. itIt appears that it wasn’t there for very long. However, itIts size and geographic location have been immortalized in many photographs.

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