Where Was Borrego Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations

DirectedWritten by Jesse Harris, ‘Borrego’ is a 2022 survival thriller film that revolves around EllyA young botanist moves to a small town in the desert to learn more about one particular plant species. Her life turns upside down when she witnesses a drug mule’s plane crash in the desert as she is held hostage by the smuggler. SheShe is forced to join her captor on dangerous and unplanned journey to remote locations. AsHer desperate need to survive increases. EllyTo escape from the drug mule, you must take certain risks before the journey becomes more fatal.

BeingThe setting is a vast desert with a dry backdrop. This location plays an important part in the survival thriller. ForThe film’s survival theme is portrayed in a very realistic way. The desert location makes it even more difficult for the characters. SoMany viewers naturally want to know the exact location. Lucy Hale-starrer has been lensed. IfIf you are one of these viewers, let us put your curiosity to bed!

Borrego Filming Locations

‘Borrego’ was filmed entirely in SpainEspecially in the Tabernas DesertIn the province of Almeria. AccordingAccording to reports the original plan of filmmakers was to shoot their film in Spring2020 CaliforniaThis is where the storyline is established. HoweverDue to the COVID-19 epidemic, new restrictions were placed on state property. It was impossible to shoot in these areas. California. AfterAfter much thought, the production team finally settled for SpainIn the early 1980s, principal photography began. October2020 wrapped up in NovemberThe same year. Now, let’s navigate through the specific locations that feature in the survival movie!

Tabernas Desert, Spain

Most of the pivotal sequences in the film were taped at the Film Studio. Tabernas Desert(also known as Desierto de TabernasIn Spanish), a semi-arid desert situated north of the provincial capital Almeria. SinceThe 1950s, TabernasIts similarities to deserts in the southwestern US have made it a popular filming location. ArabiaNorthern AfricaNorthern Mexico. Some of the most notable movies and TV shows have used the desert to tape important scenes, such as ‘The Good, BadThe Ugly,’ ‘Once UponYou can find more information at TimeIn the West,’ ‘Penny Dreadful,’ and ‘That Dirty Black Bag.’

InAn interview in January2022, the director Jesse HarrisThey discussed the scouting of the location for the production, which was difficult because they had to cross the border. CaliforniaTake it off your list. HeIt was said that since many EuropeanAfter the pandemic’s first wave, countries were easing their restrictions and the production team decided that they would travel to these countries. SpainIn September. OnAfter thoroughly scouring the area, they discovered the Tabernas DesertIdeal production location

InAnother interview is expected to take place in early 2022. Jesse Harris was asked about his favorite scenes in ‘Borrego.’ HeHe said that his least favorite scene was the one he shot. Hereferred to the scene EllyAnd TomasWhile walking across the desert, you will see the former. HeThe cast and crew were under tremendous pressure to complete the scene as fast as possible, according to the details. InIn retrospect, he believes that this pressure worked in their favor because it added tension to the screen.

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