Where Was Crimes of the Future Filmed? 2022 Movie Filming Locations

WrittenDirected by David Cronenberg, ‘Crimes of the Future’ is a psychological body horror film that is sure to leave you amazed long after theCredits roll. SetIn a post-apocalyptic steampunk world, there are few towns. the film portrays how the Accelerated Evolution SyndromeIt has made it possible to grow and remove organs quickly. TheThe story centers on a celebrated performance artist Saul TenserHis partner, CapriceWho has turned? thephenomenon ofOrgan transplantation and growth can be made into an art form. HoweverAs corruption gradually takes control, the world, theNarrative adopts a dark tone that leaves their fates in the balance.

Interestingly, theMovies don’t have to be set in a specific country, but it can be difficult to recreate steampunk-ish backdrops on location. ThusIf you are watching theThe movie left you in awe. theWe have everything you need to know about this masterfully crafted horror-thriller.

Crimes of the Future Filming Location

Principal photography for ‘Crimes of the Future,’ took place in and around August2021, and most of theFilm was shot on location in Greece. Although theDirector mentioned that the narrative isn’t based in a specific country, filming in GreeceHe was attracted to him on many levels. Let’s take a detailed look at each filming location, shall we?

Athens, Greece

Since its inception, it has been a famous city the olden times, Athens’ skyline still stands as a testimony to the wonders ofAntiquity Greece. TheMajority ofScenes from theFilm was shot on location in AthensWhile a few are available, ofThese people required a special studio setting. TalkingAbout theWhy choose? AthenesOr rather GreeceAs theDirector, principal filming location David CronenbergHow it works theIdea ofSet a futuristic story theThe background ofAn ancient city that once was thecenter ofIt was a time when civilization would have existed. the film a lot more dimension.

On theIt also seems like AthensIt was a great inspiration Cronenberg theMoment he set eyes upon the city as he said, “Lookingat theUnique exteriors and buildings in and around Athens, theAmazing textures ofAn ancient city theHypnotic presence ofMy vision for an ancient sea the film suddenly coalesced.” ThusHe realized, without looking further, that his vision was for theFilming in the Philippines would make it possible to make a movie. Athenes.

Piraeus, Greece

LocatedFrom there, it is approximately eight kilometers away theCenter of Athens, PiraeusA beautiful port city with a few beautiful examples of Greco-Roman ArchitectureAll over the place. Moreover, the city has also been a popular filming destination for a long time and has hosted production crews for movies like ‘Xenia,’ ‘Love Struck,’ and ‘NeverOn Sunday.’ ‘Crimes of the Future’ utilized several indoor and outdoor locations around theall of which were completely transformed by theProduction crew to exude a futuristic vibe. MoreoverTalk about thePositives ofShooting in Greece, David CronenbergHe stated that he was lured by the country’s historical status, its incredibly film-friendly reputation, and the financial incentives GreeceAllows for movies to be filmed within its borders.

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