Where was Day Shift Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations

DirectedJ. J. Perry, Netflix’s ‘Day Shift’ is a vampire action comedy movie that revolves around Bud JablonskiBlue-collar father, whose only real motivation in life is to provide a happy life for his 8 year-old daughter. HisHis seemingly boring job of pool cleaning is just a facade for his real job, which is hunting and murdering vampires for money. HoweverBeing a part international UnionVampire hunters are not an easy job. In fact, it can be just as difficult as it sounds.

Thus, BudEvery once in a while, we could all use the help of others. TheThis vampire-centered story is filled with action-packed sequences and comedic elements that make it an engaging watch for viewers. At the same time, the interesting use of different locations in the thriller comedy film is bound to make you wonder about the actual filming sites of ‘Day Shift.’ WellIn that case, we might be interested to hear from you about the same!

Day Shift Filming Locations

‘Day Shift’ wasFilmed in Georgia CaliforniaParticularly in Atlanta Metropolitan Area Greater Los Angeles. ThePrincipal photography for the Jamie FoxxIn early years, -starrer was introduced May2021 wrapped up in JulyThe same year. SinceThe majority of the story is set in and around Los AngelesIt was logical for the filming unit that many scenes were shot on location in the area. CityThis is Angels. ApartApart from the main cast, several stunt doubles who looked like the actors were used, mainly to perform the action sequences in the movie. So, let’s follow BudLet’s go on his vampire-hunting adventures, and navigate the specific locations in the movie.

Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia

For the first portion of the filming schedule, the production team of ‘Day Shift’ set up camp in the Atlanta Metropolitan AreaThe most populous metropolitan area in the United States is. Georgia. In May2021. During the initial stages of production, cast and crew members were seen filming many pivotal sequences in the vicinity of the location. North DeKalb MallAt 2050 Lawrenceville HighwayIn the city of Decatur. But that wasn’t the only mall that they utilized, as Gwinnett Place MallLocated in Pleasant Hill RoadCorridor of the city of DuluthIt was also used as a prominent location for the production of the action comedy movie.

MoreoverAccording to reports, the filming unit used the OFS facilities. Jimmy Carter BoulevardIn the city of Norcross. BeingOne of the busiest and largest studios in the city. Metro AtlantaOFS is a 160-acre movie-studio campus. It consists of 300,000.00 square feet of warehouse space and sound stage columns-free space, a 6-acre area backlot and one of the biggest green screens in America. AllThese features were key to the production of the Netflix film.

Greater Los Angeles, California

AfterWrap up shooting Metro AtlantaIn June2021 saw the production team make a stop in Greater Los AngelesThe second-largest metro area in the country is. United States. SeveralFilming of key scenes for the movie was done in the cities. Glendale Simi Valley. MoreoverYou can spot Circus LiquorLocated at 5600 Vineland AvenueIn North Hollywood, Tampa Avenue Devonshire StreetHere are some exterior shots.

In July 2021, Jamie FoxxThe rest of the production crew was spotted filming scenes in and around the area. North Valley FamilyYMCA at 11336 Corbin AvenueIn the vicinity of NorthridgeThe San Fernando Valley region. ThanksIts ties to Hollywood, Greater Los AngelesIt is a popular location for filming and is visited by many filmmakers throughout the year. Apart from ‘Day Shift,’ over the years, it has served as a filming site for different kinds of movies and TV shows,Including ‘The Addams Family,’ ‘Crash,’ ‘Woman in Gold,’ and ‘The Old Man.’

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