Where Was Jersey Shore Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

In the heydays of MTV, the reality television series ‘Jersey Shore’ was one of the most eccentric cultural forays into immigrant American communities. EightHousemates live in a coastal vacation home with their families New JerseyYou can take occasional trips to Florida Italy. WhileThe show was a pop culture phenomenon, causing controversy and allegations of racial stereotypes.

WithinThe series aired for just six seasons between 2009 and 2012. Seventy-one episodes were produced. SallyAnn SalsanoThe original company was founded, which made the world famous. PaulyD, or Snooki. TheThe series’ name is derived from the location that brings together its diverse cast members. WhileIf you glance into a particular brand of youth subculture, it is easy to wonder if the show was shot in that area. New Jersey. InIn that case, let’s dive deeper.

Jersey Shore Filming Locations

‘Jersey Shore’ was filmed in various locations in around New Jersey and FloridaSome scenes were also shot in Italy. Brian Steimle, who was also behind ‘Run’s House’ and ‘Daddy’s Girl,’ handled some of the cinematography. OnOn the other hand, production designer Jake Leslie (‘Tool Academy’) came to be associated with the project.

With JerseyThe series’ name refers to the coast. New Jersey culture. TheProducers are also attracted by the state’s offer of a tax credit of 30 to 35 percent for qualified production expenditures, depending on where they are filming. WithThe deal looks lucrative due to the 2 percent bonus for diversity. LetWe will now take you to the exact locations where the series was shot.

Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Most of the filming occurredIn the so-called “Jersey Shore House” in the coastal communityThis is Seaside Heights in the Ocean County of New Jersey. Locatedat 1209 Ocean TerraceThe house is now a tourist attraction. YouThe unique exterior and colored doors can help you identify the spot. TheProduction company brought all furniture, including the iconic hot-tub. FurthermoreThey were installed Cadillac wheels and ‘Scarface’ posters, keeping with the Italian-American theme.

WhileThe cast members worked in the nearby area. Shore Store. TheHouse is featured in four of the six seasons, which boosts the local economy. Although the cast members were not from the “area,” the show faced criticism in the local community. ThereThere were 35 remote-controlled cameras in fixed places, 12 hand-held cameras, and six DV camera installed in the house. The shower was the only place that provided privacy for the members.

Miami, Florida

ForFilming for the second season began in the South BeachNearby of Miami Beach, Florida. TowardsThe cast and crew returned to the theater at the end. Jersey Shore House. InThe crew members stayed at The for the second season. Metropole Suites South Beach635, a luxury tourist haven. Collins AvenueIn the vicinity of Miami Beach. The location is open, and you can still book a stay to relive your ‘Jersey Shore’ days!

Where Was Jersey Shore Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

HoweverOther favorite haunts of cast members include: Lecca-Lecca Gelato CaffeThe areas where the team works during the seasons have been closed. The BED Nightclubis also out of order. Other venues like Klutch, Mi-Vl, Felt, Vinyl& Kai (where Ron SammiIn episode four, get into a fight Tantra Restaurant Lounge (Ramona’s workplace for the season) are also closed. YouYou can still go to Club SpaceThe nightclub is located at SnookiInjures a man in a vicious fight The SituationThis makes matters worse.

The34 is a hip spot North East 11th StreetIn Miami. The Dream NightclubWhere is it? AngelinaSpends time with the crew before leaving the team for the second time. This is also closed. TheNightclub once was located at 1532 Washington AvenueIn Miami. AnotherThe crew visited the following prominent location: Cybr CaffeAn internet cafe is located at 1574 Washington AvenueIn Miami Beach.

TheCafe is where SnookiJWoww and JWoww authored the infamous anonymous letter. The XO Hookah Bar & LoungeIt is also closed Ocean’s TenCan still be found at 960 Ocean DriveIn Miami Beach. Datespots and other locations from this season, like Tiramesu, Grazie Italian Cuisine, Funky Sexy Couture, Captive Sun, Xtreme GymThey are also out-of-business. Wash Club South BeachThis is where the cast and crew used their dirty clothes. TheLaundromats are available at 510 Washington AvenueIn the South Beach neighborhood.

Where Was Jersey Shore Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

Blush Nail SalonWhere is it? SnookiJWoww and JWoww do their mani-pedi routine at 1433 Alton RoadIn Miami Beach. Unfortunately, Laurenzo’s Italian Market CafeOnce located at 16385 West Dixie HighwayIn North Miami Beach, has been closed. ThisThis is where the team gets their food for the season. On the other hand, the girls’ go-to sushi counter, Moshi Moshi South Beach, is still in business.

TheThis is a small, cozy eatery located at 1448 Washington AvenueIn Miami Beach. The team’s lunch spot, the News CafeCustomers are also served by. YouThe cafe is located at 800 Ocean DriveIn Miami Beach. AnotherThe crew’s haunt was the La LocandaPizzeria restaurant, small trattoria serving pizzeria food ItalianFare in the city TheRestaurant is located at 419 Washington AvenueIn Miami Beach.

Florence, Italy

Where Was Jersey Shore Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

InSeason 4, the cast tours ItalyGetting reunited with your loved ones ItalianThe roots are essential to the process. HoweverFilming in the bustling historical city of FlorenceIt almost ended in disaster, for the cast and crew. Firstly, Matteo Renzi, the mayor FlorenceThe team was prohibited from filming the cast in bars or public places that serve alcohol. TheyAlso, scenes in historical buildings could not be filmed so we had to stick with exterior shots.

ConsequentlyThe cast members walk a lot in the streets during this season. FindingThe team had to find a pad because there weren’t many places with outdoor spaces. UltimatelyThe production team purchased an ItalianBank, making long modifications ThereThere was no patio at the bank. ThusThe team decided to build one using scaffolding from the bank.

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