Where was Love Island UK Season 8 Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

A revival of the eponymous celebrity series, ‘Love Island’ is a BritishA dating reality show in which ten singles meet up in a villa for a few days and must then get together. OverDuring their stay, voting occurs and couples are expelled from the villa one after another. MeanwhileTo make things more difficult for couples, singles may enter the villa. Amidst all these challenges, some couples blossom while others can’t stop bickering.

Over the course of its seven seasons, ‘Love Island’ has been highly successful and well-received by fans and critics. WhileThe entertaining reality series keeps viewers wanting more. Each episode ends with a new episode. The couple spends their time in a luxurious villa, making them wonder about the actual filming locations. Well, it is time that your curiosities are answered as we have all the information regarding the production sites of ‘Love Island’Season 8!

Love Island UK Season 8 Filming Locations

‘Love Island’ UK season 8 wasFilmed in SpainSpecifically, in Mallorca, Balearic Islands. AfterFilming in the exact same MallorcanVilla for the past five year, the production team decided it was time to retire. wasThe right time to move filming to a new villa but still within the city limits. Mallorca. BeingThe largest island in the Balearic Islands, MallorcaIt is a popular holiday destination because it has many attractions.

SomeSome of the most popular landmarks on the island include Bellver Castle, Cap de Formentor, La Seu AKA Palma Cathedral, Puig Major. OverThe years have been Mallorca has served as a filming site for a number of movies and television shows, including ‘Me Before You,’ ‘A Man Called Ove,’ ‘Cloud Atlas,’ and ‘The Night Manager.’ When it comes to the eighth iteration of ‘Love Island,’ the production wasIt is done at a specific place. So, let’s find out more about it in detail!

Sant Llorenç des (*8*), Spain

ThePrincipal photography for the season 8 of ‘Love Island’ wasIt is possible to do it in a resort. Sant Llorenç des (*8*), the same municipality where the older villa is situated. As per reports, the new villa is located at the foot of a hill, surrounded by lush greenery in order to maintain the contestants’ privacy.

TheThe new villa, which the production team moved into, seems and feels very similar to the other villas. However, the largest difference is the size. ItIt is said to include a large bedroom, a make up room, a lounge area and a bathroom. Moreover, it is reportedly said to be worth more than £2.5 million.

Where was Love Island UK Season 8 Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

TheExecutive producer Mike Spencer”There were many things that he had to say about the new villa, and some of the new designs. “This is the biggest bedroom we’ve had. SoThis is the basic idea behind it was we wanted to take it back to what it used to be in the early series where they’re opposite each other,” he said, “So yeah, it has that because I think there’s so much more banter when you’re cross and going to bed at night.”

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