Where Was Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Filmed? Hulu Filming Locations

CreatedBy Steve MartinAnd John Hoffman, ‘Only Murders in the Building‘ is a mystery–comedy series that revolves around three strangers living in theSame apartment building the Arconia. WhatThese neighbors are united by a shared interest. inA podcast about true crime and a mysterious death in the building. TheTrio suspects it was murder and launches their own podcast, using their knowledge of true crime to get to the bottom. theBottom of the truth.

Upon investigating theThey realize that they are not the only ones who can help. theAs they try to decipher, it is possible that a killer might be living amongst them theThe clues before theTime is running out. InSeason 2, the trio of Charles, Oliver, MabelGo inSearch for theKiller of Arconia Board President Bunny Fogler. HoweverWhen? theThree become the suspects in theEyes of the public, a competing podcast starts covering theTrio and the case. While theSprinkled throughout is a comedic element theIt is a good idea to keep your readers guessing with a mystery narrative theThe viewers are hooked the series, theSome of the most interesting places in the world include the Arconia, tends to make you curious. IfIf you are one of these curious people, let us provide you with all the details about the same!

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Filming Locations

‘Only Murders in the Building’ season 2Was entirely filmed in thestate of New YorkParticularly in New York City. ThePhotography principal theSecond iteration theThe mystery-comedy series began inIt is best to start early December2021 wrapped up at theEnd of March 2022. TheSome of these were used by the production team theLocations starting at theFirst season, almost making theFilming goes more smoothly Now, let’s uncover theMystery with thetrio by traversing theSites featured in the series!

New York City, New York

ForTaping season 2 of ‘Only Murders in the Building,’ theCast and crew members set up camp again in New York City, theMost populous cities in the United States. JustLike inSeason 1 The BelnordAgain, stood inFor theFictional ArconiaWhere most of the population lives. the narrative unfolds, for theSecond season. ItAn apartment building is located at 225 West 86th StreetOn the Upper West SideThis is Manhattan. SeveralExterior shots were shot around theSimilar neighborhood, primarily on West 91st Street. TheThe production team was also seen filming a few scenes inOne of theRestaurants in the city.

Some pivotal scenes for theSecond round were recorded at the Long Island City Courthouse. Located25-10 Court Square in Long Island City in theBorough of QueensIt was once home to Criminal Court, the District Attorney staff, County Court, the county sheriff’s office. In addition, Coney Island served as a prominent production location for ‘Only Murders in the Building’ season 2. ItIt is a peninsular neighbourhood and an entertainment area. in theSection southwestern of theBorough of Brooklyn.


New York CityIt is home to many landmarks, as well a few districts with monuments. While Times SquareConsidered one of the world’s busiest pedestrian intersections, the Empire StateBuilding has become a major part of our lives theRefer to global reference point for description theOther structures around are measured in length and height. the globe. MoreoverNYC is a well-known production location. theFilming industry and has hosted many movies, TV shows, and other programs. the years. SomeThis is the notable onesAre ‘The Godfather,’ ‘Midsommar,’ ‘Suits,’ and ‘Succession.’

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