Where Was Outlander Season 5 Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

DevelopedBy Ronald D. Moore, the fantasy drama series ‘Outlander’ plunges the audience into an immersive and time-bending experience, chronicling history and politics. BasedThe title novel series is by Diana GabaldonThe show is about the unlikely romance between an army nurse and a soldier. Claire, Highlander JamieIt is a journey through time and history.

The fifth installment of the period drama follows the fifth part in the book series, titled ‘The Fiery Cross.’ HoweverOne of the most important aspects about the show is its location-specific storyline. France or the “New World” in North Carolina. TheFifth season is mostly in North CarolinaThis is a nearly perfect representation of the scene. Blue Ridge Mountains. ThisIt must have made you curious about where the season was film. InLet us keep you informed in this instance.

Outlander Season 5 Filming Locations

‘Outlander’ season 5Filmed in various locations ScotlandEspecially Stirling, Perth Kinross, Renfrewshire, Glasgow, East Lothian. AccordingAccording to reports, cameras started rolling for the fifth season in April 2019, coming under wrap in November 2019. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the fifth season of ‘Outlander’ was shot.

Stirling, Scotland

Where Was Outlander Season 5 Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

SeveralScenes for the fifth series were shot in the Mine WoodArea, a walk through the woods in the township BridgeOf Allan(Colloquially known by Bofa). BridgeOf AllanIt is located in the StirlingCouncil area, north of the City of Stirling. ScenesSet in and around Claire Jamie’s new home in Fraser’s RidgeThese are also shot in the StirlingCouncil area ApparentlyThe team visited a property in the following: HillOf RowSeason 4 also features a scene with, ItIt is located southeast of DouneBetween Doune CastleThe Wallace Monument.

Perth Kinross, Scotland

TheCrew filmed scenes extensively in Scotland’s protected sites of Dunkeld, a municipality in the area of Perth Kinross. The 4-star Dunkeld House Hotel, Blairgowrie RoadIn some sequences from the fifth season, including,,, and?,?, Roger Brianna’s wedding. Several scenes were primarily filmed in the surrounding woodland of the hotel, colloquially familiar as “The Hermitage,” which became the New WorldThe autumn colors.

Where Was Outlander Season 5 Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

SomeScenes are especially highlighted in the FallsYou can find the BraanA beautiful waterfall hidden in the forest. AnotherPopular filming location in the Perth KinrossThe council area is Kinloch RannochA small village located near the shore of Loch Rannoch, 18 mi west of Pitlochry. TheThe town is the setting for the fictional Craighna Dun. TheVillage is a central location of the series. It has been featured in the show’s first run. HoweverWe can assure you that there are no archaeological sites of standing stones.

Renfrewshire, Scotland

Where Was Outlander Season 5 Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

The BostonScenes from the church in the fifth episode 5were lensed PaisleyA large township in the west central region of Ohio. LowlandsOf Scotland. InA scene ClaireConsults Godto inspire and understand her priorities. ThisThe film was shot at the Thomas Coats Memorial Church(Locally known as the Baptist CathedralOf Europe), at the west end of the High Street. SituatedThe RenfrewshireCouncil area PaisleyYou are located at a short distance from the main port city of Glasgow.

Glasgow, Scotland

AdditionallyFilming was also done in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city by population and a significant economic and cultural hub in the UK. TheCrew set up base Wardpark Film & Television Studios, where they reconstructed entire sets to be used in the interior sequences. TheThe production hub is located in Wyndford RoadThe CumbernauldNearby of Glasgow.


TheThe studio is a promising one, with five soundstages, office space and a green screen area. There are also various workshops. HoweverIt is not accessible to the general public. MoreoverThere are many other options. GlasgowLocations feature in the fifth season as they did in previous installments. A building. Glasgow’s Dowanhill StreetStands in for the exterior scenes Claire Frank’s Boston apartment. Moreover, Queen’s Park, a picturesque public park on Langside Road, also appears in some scenes of the show’s fifth round.

East Lothian, Scotland

Where Was Outlander Season 5 Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

InThe production team also captured sequences in the Council area. East Lothian. ScenesSpecially filmed in The Mart, a heritage event venue on Haddington RoadIn the village East Linton. Stephen Bonnet’s bloody fight scene was filmed at the property. Brianna’s rescue scenes towards the end of the season were lensed at the East Lothianbeach, between the beaches between Dunbar North Berwick. The Ocracoke IslandScenes were supposedly shot along the John Muir WayWalking route

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