Where Was Rise Filmed? 2022 Movie Filming Locations

DirectedBy Akin Omotoso, ‘Rise’ (originally titled ‘Greek Freak’) is a biographical sports drama movie based on the inspiring journey of three brothers‘ rise to success within the NBA (National Basketball Association). TheThe story revolves around the AntetokounmpoThe family, particularly the three brothers, move to a different country to improve their lives. The parents — Vera Charles Antetokounmpo — struggle to support themselves and their five children while they all work together to sell souvenirs to the tourists in the new city.

SoonOpportunity knocks at the door and there is no better time than the present. AntetokounmpoAs brothers jump on it, they discover their inherent abilities as they hit the court for public basketball. Although they don’t have any experience in the sport, they reach for the stars by pursuing their NBA dreams with the help of a talent agent. TheImmersive cinematic experience of one the most compelling stories in sports is captivating enough to keep viewers engaged. HoweverThe film makes them wonder about the real locations, such as the basketball courts. WellWe can help you find out more about it!

Rise Filming Locations

‘Rise’ was filmed in GreeceThe United StatesSpecifically, in AthensThe states of Wisconsin New York. ThePrincipal photography for the movie, which is centered around basketball, began in May 2021 under the production title ‘Greek Freak’ and wrapped up in Augustof the same year. SinceMost of the storyline has been set in GreeceThe production team decided to use the same. Europeancountry to record many crucial scenes and added authenticity to the biographical movie. Now, let’s follow the inspiring journey of the AntetokounmposFind out more about the locations used to create the setting for the movie!

Athens, Greece

Several pivotal parts of ‘Rise’ were lensed in Athens, the capital and biggest city of Greece. TheProduction team travelled across the capital to capture the right shots for the biographical film. InThey set up camp in particular. Monastiraki SquareLocated in the vicinity of MonastirakiTo shoot important scenes, you will need to use this. WhileFilming was ongoing, so many shops and restaurants remained closed for customers. FurthermoreTo prevent fans from entering the film set, barriers were placed around the neighborhood.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

ForCast and crew filmed a few sequences in preparation for the film. Milwaukee, the state’s most populous city Wisconsin. OfficiallyThe is also known as CityOf MilwaukeeIt is considered one the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the country. ItIt is also known as the CityOf FestivalsBecause the city hosts many cultural events throughout summer. Moreover, MilwaukeeIt is home to many museums, including the Milwaukee Art Museum, Haggerty MuseumOf Art, and Grohmann Museum.

Brooklyn, New York

Additional portions of ‘Rise’ were captured in Brooklyn, a borough New York CityIn the state of New York. TheNeighborhoods in the borough are well-known for being dynamic in terms of their ethnic composition. GivenThe fact that BrooklynAttracting people from other cities within the country and overseas, it has managed a global cosmopolitan vibe. Moreover, Brooklyn has hosted many filming projects over the years; some of the most notable ones being, ‘The Departed,’ ‘Margin Call,’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire.’

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