Where Was Road Trip Romance Filmed? Hallmark Cast Details

DirectedBy Samantha Wan, ‘Road Trip Romance’ is a Romantic comedy movie revolving around Megan Miller. Her sister, BlairSoon to be married to, Meganis the maid-of-honor. HoweverDue to unfortunate events, her trip to the wedding keeps getting rescheduled. SheShe is forced to share her experience with her high school rival. Alden Brown. HoweverThey can see another side of each other through the road trip. AsAs they get closer together, their feelings for each others grow fonder.

FansPeople who enjoy road trips will love the movie because of the hilariously disastrous journey they take. Apart from the film’s excellent cast, its visual backdrops let you feel like a part of the journey. Thanks to the movie’s breathtaking scenes, it is easy to imagine how the two rivals fall in love. IfYou want to know where the Hallmark romedy is lensed, here’s what we know!

Road Trip Romance Filming Locations

‘Road Trip Romance’ was filmed primarily in Ottawa. PrincipalThe movie was shot in the fall of 2022. Let’s take a closer look into the specifics of the filming location.

Ottawa, Ontario

OttawaCapital of CanadaThe filming location was located at. Hallmark’s ‘Road Trip Romance.’ BothThe film was shot in a relaxed atmosphere between the directors and actors. Natalie HallWho is the role model? Megan Miller, expressed her gratitude for the team at an Instagram post. NatalieShe was especially grateful for the support that enabled her to balance her work and care for her newborn son, who was then just 5-months-old. Director Samantha WanShe also expressed her joy at working on the movie in an Instagram post. “I had so much fun directing this romcom with @thenatalie_hall and Corey Sevier, and the rest of our stellar cast and crew,” she said in the post’s caption. It was a joy with genuinely a lot of laughs, real heart.”

LocatedOn the banks of Ottawa River, CanadianCapital is a beautiful place with a rich history and a developed infrastructure. AllThese are the reasons it is one of the most famous filming locations across the country. Thearea in and around OttawaMoviemakers can frame scenes in many different settings. FromThe city has everything you need, from small-town charm and big-city hustle. From AlmonteTo Waupoos FarmThere are many locations in the region that filmmakers can choose from.

Ottawa Film OfficeThis is a city-wide organization that promotes the continued development, retention and competitiveness of the city. Ottawa’s film and television industry. Thanksto the organization as well as the facilities available in and around OttawaThe city is a favorite among producers. Several filmmakers have utilized the city to lens scenes for their movies, including ‘A Christmas Stray‘ and ‘A Sisterly Christmas.’

Road Trip Romance Cast

Natalie HallEssays about the role of Megan MillerIn the series. The actress can be seen in several other movies, like ‘StalkedBy a Prince‘ and ‘FitFor more information about a Prince.’ JoiningShe is Corey SevierHe portrays the role of Alden Brown, the film’s male lead and Megan’s love interest. CoreySince his debut at six months, he has been an active member of the entertainment industry. Apart from ‘Road Trip Romance,’ his worksInclude ‘Meet Me in New York’ and ‘The Secret Sauce.’

OtherNotable appearances in the movie are: Elana DunkelmanAs Della Simmons, Julia BorsellinoAs Blair Miller, Wendy GermanAs Edie Miller, Danielle BourgonAs Zadie. YouAlso, you can see George Krissa (Franklin), Kate MacLellan (Stella( Colton Royce (Jack Evans) in the Hallmark romedy.

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