Where Was Selling Sunset Season 5 Filmed? Netflix Show Filming Locations

‘Selling Sunset’ is a NetflixA reality series that follows a select group of elite real-estate brokers at work The Oppenheim GroupAs they try to manage many aspects of their lives. AsWe see them manage their professional and personal lives. They take us along on a journey to their luxurious lifestyle, giving us a glimpse into some incredible properties. California. EverSince its inception, the reality series has been a success. The fifth installment is no different.

TheThe show’s success can be attributed to its unique format, interesting personalities, and the interpersonal drama between the cast members. If that weren’t enough, there are the lavish multi-million dollar mansions that the brokers are trying to sell. IfYou are curious to learn more about the locations featured in season 5We have you covered with reality series!

Selling Sunset Season 5 Filming Locations

A majority of the filming for ‘Selling Sunset’ season 5 takes place in CaliforniaParticularly in Los AngelesAnd Newport Beach. TheCast members travel across the state to conduct business. This creates the high-end setting that allows us to produce the show. ThePrincipal photography for the fifth round in the reality series took place in the latter months of 2021. So, allow us to navigate you through all the luxurious locations that feature in the fifth installment of ‘Selling Sunset.’

Los Angeles, California

MuchLike the previous reality shows, the production team set up camp at the office of The Oppenheim GroupTape the majority of seasons’ sequences 5. TheOffice is a common feature in the series, as it is where most of the one on one cast interviews also take places. LocatedAt 8606 Sunset BoulevardIn West Hollywood, The Oppenheim GroupOffice has an open-space architecture that features a glass front. This allows you to peek inside and see the cast members behind their desks. ApartYou will likely see familiar faces from the outside, as well as familiar furniture and office spaces.

InIn addition to filming scenes for the season, the production team was also seen at the office. 5 of ‘Selling Sunset’ in other areas of the South Californian city. TheCast members can be seen eating at different restaurants throughout the season while they chat about their professional and personal lives. SoThese are the cafes and restaurants that were featured in previous installments. The FarmhouseIn Beverly Hills’ Beverly Center, Le Petit Four, ChitChat café, and The Henry, seemingly feature in a few scenes in the reality show’s fifth round as well.

Newport Beach, California

Where Was Selling Sunset Season 5 Filmed? Netflix Show Filming Locations

TheCast and crew members set up camp in the coastal town of Newport BeachIn Californiafor filming some of the most important scenes for the fifth season. FollowingThe opening of a branch of The Oppenheim Groupoffice in the City, several sequences were also shot in the new workplace. Moreover, the production team was spotted in and around the lavish restaurant FIG & OLIVE as they used the backdrop of the restaurant for a few scenes. TheRestaurant is located at 151 Newport Center DriveIn Newport BeachAccording to reports, it is currently closed permanently. MoreoverMany more scenes were filmed against the backdrops of the coastal city.

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