Where was Senior Year Filmed? Netflix Movie Filming Locations

DirectedBy Alex Hardcastle, ‘Senior Year’ is a Comedy filmAbout Stephanie Conway. The2002 is the year. StephanieHas it all: popularity, a cheerleading job, and good looks. HoweverJust before her senior prom the 17-year old is coma-bound from a head trauma. SheShe wakes up 20-years later as a 37 year-old woman with a teenage mindset. DeterminedTo live up to her potential StephanieTo finish her journey, she returns to high school. ButThe world has moved on without Her, and her understanding about high school dynamics is at best outdated.

StarringThe talented Rebel WilsonWith Justin Hartley, Angourie Rice, Sam RichardsonIt is a joy to see the movie. OneThe film’s visual accuracy is one of its most appealing aspects. TheThe movie’s backgrounds help to portray the authentic atmosphere of high school life, regardless of the time. If you want to know where ‘Senior Year’ wasWe have your back, lensed!

Senior Year Filming Locations

‘Senior Year’ wasFilmed primarily inside Atlanta, Georgia. PrincipalThe film’s production began, according to reports. May24, 2021 wasThis was the final page July 15, 2021. Let’s take a deep dive into more details regarding the film’s production.

Atlanta, Georgia

TheCapital Georgia, Atlanta is the primary filming location for ‘Senior Year.’ TheScenes set in Stephanie’s high school, known as Harding High School, were lensed The Westminster SchoolsA private school located at 1424 West Paces Ferry Road North West. EstablishedThe 1951 school was a real-life school that offered classes. KindergartenThrough grade 12. Stephanie’s school building is one of the few things that did not change in the years she spent in a coma. The Westminster SchoolsIts rustic yet timeless charm conveys the presence of God in the setting.

AnotherA well-known place that can be seen on the movie is Grant ParkAnd the surrounding area. EstablishedIn the late 1800s Grant ParkThis is the oldest park in the city. Atlanta. MoreoverIt is located in an area that has a rich history. TheBuildings have authenticity VictorianArchitecture creates a beautiful ambiance. WhileYou can feel the history of every corner as you walk through the area.

WithIts infrastructure is well-developed and the landscape is stunning. There are also many facilities available for filmmakers. AtlantaThis is a popular spot for filmmakers. DubbedAs HollywoodThe South, the city has hosted multiple productions, including movies like ‘The Contractor‘ and ‘Moon Knight.’

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