Where Was The Essex Serpent Filmed? Apple TV+ Show Filming Locations

DirectedBy Clio Barnard, ‘The Essex Serpent’ is an intriguing period drama TV series set in 1893. BasedOn Sarah Perry’s eponymous novel, the show follows CoraA widow living with her son in London. SheMoves to Aldwinter, EssexTo investigate a local belief concerning the return of a mythical ocean serpent. Eventually, CoraForges a forbidden relationship with the pastor Will, but a sudden catastrophe leads her to become the suspect for invoking the monster’s wrath.

SetA backdrop of an eerie village in The English countryside, the visuals of ‘The Essex Serpent’ aptly complement the riveting narrative and sinister characters. IfLike us, you are also curious about where this exciting show stars. Claire DanesAnd Tom HiddlestonWas it filmed? How about we share the information together? Let’s dive in!

The Essex Serpent Filming Locations

‘The Essex Serpent’ was filmed entirely in EnglandParticularly in Essex, Buckinghamshire, London. The natural old-world charm of the shooting locations adds authenticity to the show’s setting. AsAccording to sources principal photography was started in January2021, and was completed on June 25, 2021. NowHere’s a closer look at some of the filming locations.

Essex, England

‘The Essex Serpent’ was mainly lensed in Essexcounty, primarily in the city of Maldon. TheCast and crew taped scenes at The Thrill. Promenade Park, Silver StreetThe historic Hythe QuayWhere sailing barges look like Pudge, Centaur, HydrogenAs a backdrop, it was perfect. FilmingEven took place in Alresfordvillage and the town Brightlingsea, where scenes were shot in the area facing Alresford Creek.

CrucialParts of the show were also filmed in various towns and villages, such as West Mersea, North Fambridge, Tollesbury. A memorable sequence that involves Hiddleston’s character Will RansomeThe film was taken at the Tollesbury Saltings Marina. OverThe years have been Essex has hosted the production of many movies like ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Goldfinger,’ ‘The Fourth Protocol,’ and ‘Chasing Liberty.’

Buckinghamshire, England

PivotalParts of the show were filmed in BeaconsfieldA town in Buckinghamshire county. TheScenes were taped by the production team at the Royal StandardThis is EnglandIn Forty GreenThe oldest pub in the city is. EnglandIt is believed to date back to approximately 950 years. The movie ‘The TheoryThis is Everything’ and the TV series ‘Midsomer Murders‘ were filmed in BeaconsfieldAs well. The serene Chiltern HillsPartly run through BuckinghamshireIts green landscape is enhanced by its members. InIn addition, the county is well-known for its famous “St. George” sandstone. Pinewood Film StudiosThe country’s most popular filming location is.

London, England

SignificantParts of the period drama were shot in London, the capital city and largest inhabitant of England. FilmingIt was in Gordon Square, a public square in the Bloomsbury district. LondonIt is a historic city, which sits atop River ThamesIt is a major tourist destination. SomeSome of the most iconic places of interest in the city are Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Moreover, LondonInternational financial, culture, art and finance hub. The hit movies ‘The Batman,’ ‘Doctor StrangeIn the MultiverseThis is Madness,’ and ‘No TimeTo Die‘ were taped in the bustling metropolis. At the same time, TV shows that have been filmed in the city are ‘Bridgerton,’ ‘Downton Abbey,’ and ‘AnatomyA Scandal.’

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