Where Was The Getaway King Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations

DirectedBy Mateusz Rakowicz, ‘The Getaway King’ (originally titled ‘Najmro: Kocha, kradnie, szanuje’) is a PolishAction comedy movie about the folk-hero bandit named Najmro. KnownEscape from prison and the clutches by police many times NajmroHe lived on his own terms and did not follow the system. HoweverWhen he meets a new girlfriend, things get wild as he contemplates cleaning up his act.

TheThe film is action-packed with humor sprinkled throughout. It keeps viewers on the edge. They also have a great time having a good giggle every now and again. Furthermore, the relatively warm undertone against the backdrop of several different places makes us wonder about the locations used for filming ‘The Getaway King.’ WellWe have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Getaway King Filming Locations

‘The Getaway King’ was filmed in different regions across PolandParticularly in Malopolskie, Slaskie, Mazowieckie. TheThe fact that most of the movie was shot in the field. PolandThis adds authenticity to the storyline and makes it more authentic. ThePrincipal photography for the action comedy film seems to have begun in May 2019. NowWe’ll take you through the specific locations used for film production!

Kraków, Malopolskie

For filming purposes, the cast and crew of ‘The Getaway King’ set up camp in one of the oldest cities in Poland — Kraków. LocatedThe following are the Vistula RiverIn Malopolskie AKA Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Kraków is considered one of the most beautiful cities in EuropeIt is a popular filming location. BeingThis city has a rich history and is home to many historic styles architecture that were used in filming the movie in the 1980s.

OverAs the city grew, so did the architectural designs. This made it easy to recognize the differences in styles. DueTo the versatility that Kraków offers, it is frequented by many filmmakers for filming purposes. Over the years, the city has served as a production location for a number of filming projects,Including ‘Schindler’s List,’ ‘Denial,’ ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ and ‘Cracow Monsters.’

Other Locations in Poland

TheThe production team also visited a few more cities. Polandto tape some crucial sequences for the action comedy film. MoreoverIt appears that several scenes, mainly the action-packed ones filmed on the green screen in a studio set, were shot with the greenscreen. OneOne of the cities that serves as the film’s production location is ZabrzeIt is an industrial city in Slaskie AKA Silesian Voivodeship. Apart from ‘The Getaway King,’ there have been other movies and shows filmed in this city, including ‘The Mire‘ and ’25 YearsOf Innocence.’ InAdditionally, there were some important scenes that were also recorded. Warsaw — the capital and largest city of PolandIt is located in Mazowieckie AKA Masovian Voivodeship.

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