Where Was The Journey Ahead Filmed? Hallmark Cast Details

DirectedBy Linda-Lisa Hayter, ‘The Journey Ahead’ is a HallmarkRoad-trip movie that centers around a well-known character Hollywood actress MadelineNamed wilderness expert Sarah. WhenShe has a travel plan New YorkFrom Los AngelesIt falls through Madeline enlists the help of her assistant’s best friend, SarahTo reach the Big AppleWithin 12 days. AsBoth women from two different generations embark upon their cross-country journey and each learns valuable lessons from the other.

TheThe movie tells the heartwarming story about how people can come together despite differences and overcome their own problems. ApartThe film’s talented cast is complemented by captivating visuals that capture the attention of the viewer. Given the movie’s premise, it introduces the audience to a variety of backdrops that help convey the story accurately. IfYou are curious to find out where it is Hallmark film was lensed, here’s all you need to know!

The Journey Ahead Filming Locations

‘The Journey Ahead’ was primarily filmed in Vancouver SquamishIn British Columbia. ThePrincipal photography of the movie was taken in April 2022 under the name ‘The Road Ahead.’ IfWe have the answers!

Squamish, British Columbia

Thecommunity SquamishIn British Columbia serves as one of the primary filming locations for ‘The Journey Ahead.’ TheMovie includes river-rafting scenes that were shot in the region, which is famous for its sport. Elaho Squamish rivers. The particular scene was apparently lensed in the first week of the movie’s production, and the cast seemed to enjoy the filming process. TheThis area is also popular for hiking, mountain biking and climbing.

TheArea around SquamishThe area is filled with natural beauty spots that offer breathtaking views for moviemakers. SurroundedBy the Coast Mountains, SquamishIt has stunning hilly backdrops that you can’t help but be amazed at. NaturallyNumerous films and TV shows have shot their scenes in these locations. SquamishYou can take advantage the visual treasures of the area. InThe community has been a popular place to film movies for many years. OtherFilms shot in Squamish include ‘Antlers‘ and ‘Final Destination.’

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia, hosted the production of ‘The Journey Ahead.’ AlsoThe is also known as HollywoodThe North, CanadianOver the years, many movies have been set in the city. The city’s non-descript skyline well-developedInfrastructure lend well to lens scenes set in cities across the world. Hence, you may see the city in the background of several beloved movies, like ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘ and ‘Honor Society.’

Other Filming Locations in British Columbia

‘The Journey Ahead’ was also filmed in and around Harrison Hot Springs village in British Columbia. ItIt is named after Harrison LakeThe community’s north is home to the. TheThe cast and crew of the movie travelled all the way to the lake and village to frame scenes. TheFilm was also shot close to and around the area. Mount BakerIn the Waputik Mountains. LocatedAt the border of British Columbia AlbertaThe mountain is 3,180m above sea level

The Journey Ahead Cast

TheTalent Holly Robinson PeetePlays the role Madeline, a star of Hollywood. You may know her from her workIn ‘Our Christmas Journey‘ and ‘Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing.’ Kaylee BryantTakes on the role as wilderness expert Sarah in ‘The Journey Ahead.’ Some of her other acting credits include ‘Legacies‘ and ‘Santa Clarita Diet.’ TheMovie stars also Chanelle PelosoAs Katie, Natasha BurnettAs Rose, Ash LeeAs Dr. Wiseley. Actor Mark HumphreyA significant part of the Hallmark film.

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