Where Was The Lincoln Lawyer Filmed? Netflix Show Filming Locations

Based on the book ‘The Brass Verdict’ by Michael Connelly, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is a legal drama series created by David E. KelleyDeveloped by Ted Humphrey. TheNarrative revolves around Mickey HallerAn idealistic lawyer who runs his law practice from the back of his car. Lincoln Town CarHence the series’ name. HeRides around the bustling city, and takes on all sorts of cases, big and small.

Mickey Haller doesn’t only let us in on his various complicated and interesting cases, but he also takes us around the metropolis that is often his playground. SoIf you are tired playing the guessing game, and want to learn more about the actual locations featured in the legal drama series’ legal dramas, we have you covered!

The Lincoln Lawyer Filming Locations

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is filmed in several locations around Los Angeles, CaliforniaThis is where the storyline is established. AsAccording to reports, filming for the debut season was delayed for around a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ButAfter all the delays, principal photography began in late 2008. March2021 wrapped up in early August 2021.

EvenAlthough filming for the first season was done during the pandemic, there were no interruptions to the production. HoweverThis was possible thanks to the strict safety precautions that were put into place, which meant that longer shoot days were possible. WithAll that said, let us now take you through the locations featured in the series!

Los Angeles, California

TheProduction team for the legal drama uses different locations throughout the sprawling South CalifornianCity of Los Angeles. According to some reports, the majority of filming takes place in Downtown Los Angeles. SeveralSequences from the first season were recorded Spring StreetIt is one of the oldest streets in the City. TheCast and crew also shot pivotal scenes in the first installment. Grand Avenue. TheThe area is popular because it has many museums, concerts venues, and theaters.


InAdditionally, the production team uses a few locations in central LA specifically for their work. Wilshire BoulevardThe Wilshire Ebell Theatre. LocatedAt 4401 West 8th StreetThis is LA’s oldest performing arts venue. TheElegant and historic, the intimate theatre presents all types of performances including concerts.

InThe production team also spent time filming in a private bungalow located in the suburb of Chatsworth. The bungalow – an iconic filming location – is said to be where Marilyn MonroeThey stayed for a short time. ConsideredThe hub of Hollywood, Los AngelsMany types of filming projects have used the site as a filming spot. Some of the well-known films and TV shows have been taped in LA, including ‘The Dark Knight,’ ‘Barry,’ ‘Gaslit,’ and ‘This Is Us.’

Marina del Rey, California

TheSeaside community of Marina del ReyIn Los Angeles CountyAnother prominent filming location for the show is TheUnincorporated community is made up of a harbor with the same name. This is a well-known boating and water recreation spot. TheA few sequences were particularly shot by the production team Admiralty WayFor the first season of the series.

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