Where was The Mist Filmed? 2007 Movie Filming Locations

The 2007 horror thriller ‘The Mist’ is based on Stephen King’s 1980 novella of the same name and written and directed for screen by Frank Darabont. In fact, Darabont even made some changes to the ending (with the author’s approval) to make the screen adaptation darker.

TheStory centers on a small town in which a severe storm leaves residents without power. GatheredThey go to the local supermarket to get supplies but are entrapped by a mysterious mist which unleashes vicious monsters. However, equally dangerous are the characters’ own fears that threaten to set them against each other. The film’s ominous backdrop plays an important role in its sinister aesthetic so let’s take a look at where ‘The Mist’ was filmed.

The Mist Filming Locations

‘The Mist’ is set in the small town of Bridgton, MaineBut wasAlmost all of the shots were taken in Louisiana. Principal photography began in February 2007The story was brought to life by the use of multiple locations in a few towns as well as soundstages and studio facilities. InA few locals are actually able to do this. LouisianaBrands like Zapp’s potato chips, appear in the film.

Frank DarabontAlso, production designers were involved in giving the film a historical ambivalent setting. This gave it a mix between modern and vintage elements. Let’s take a closer look at the specific locations that were used in the production.

Shreveport, Louisiana.

FilmingStageWorks of Atlanta kicked off the event LouisianaLocated at 400 is the soundstage and studio facility. Clyde Fant Memorial ParkwayThe city of Shreveport. TheShots of the exterior of a house from the beginning were also filmed Shreveport.

The production reportedly used over 100 local extras from the city, with about 60 of them becoming extended members of the film’s cast.

Where was The Mist Filmed? 2007 Movie Filming Locations

InterestinglyThe firetrucks seen in the film feature are pictured here Caddo ParishInsignias signify that they are part the Louisiana force. ThisFilming mistakes could lead to a story being rewritten. Maine.

Vivian, Louisiana

AnotherMajor filming location is the city of VivianIn Louisiana. TheThe location was home to a large production team that spent considerable time filming. TheThe story is about a group who seek shelter in a supermarket to survive the bloodthirsty creatures that lurk in the ominous mist.

Where was The Mist Filmed? 2007 Movie Filming Locations

TheThis is the supermarket that was used to film these scenes. Tom’s Market(now closed) at 212 North Pine Street, Vivian. ThoughWhile some scenes in the supermarket’s interior were likely filmed in the studio the exterior shots were shot on location. Vivian.

Minden, Louisiana

Where was The Mist Filmed? 2007 Movie Filming Locations

TheProduction also spent time filming within the small town of MindenIn Webster Parish, Louisiana. Camp Mindena 15,000-acre training centre that also housed The Louisiana Military Ammunition Plant, wasUsed as a filming location. Camp MindenIt is located 18 miles east. ShreveportOn Camp Street. Incidentally, ‘HaroldAnd Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay’ wasAlso, the film was shot there in the same year.

Atlanta, Texas

A few locations are listed below AtlantaA city in Cass County, TexasThey were also used in the production. The city is relatively small, and partsThis is it could have been used for lensing establishing shots of the film’s setting.

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