Where Was The Northman Filmed? The Northman Filming Locations

Robert Eggers, whose psychological drama ‘The Lighthouse‘ won the hearts of festival-savvy masses, also helmed the atmospheric medieval action-drama ‘The Northman.’ MinglingThe story explores the journey of young people using mythology, magic and history. VikingPrince AmlethTo avenge his father’s murder. King Aurvandill War-RavenSave his mother by rescuing him Queen Gudrún, from the shackles of his uncle, Fjölnir. TheStar-studded ensemble features HollywoodA-listers include Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe.

FollowingThe movie’s premiere was a huge success due to its outstanding production value, authentic historical atmosphere, and steady direction. TheAn epic quest takes the viewers through the valleys, moors, and mountains of Irelandto weave a tale of tragedy and greed. HoweverYou might be curious to find out where the movie was made. If the question ruins your night’s sleep, let us quench your curiosity.

The Northman Filming Locations

‘The Northman’ was filmed in and around the UK, Ireland, Iceland. PrincipalInitial plans for photography were to begin in March2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic halted the process. FilmingFinally, it was here! August 3, 2020, coming under wrap by December11 of the same years. Jarin Blaschke, who collaborated with the director on ‘The Witch’ and ‘The Lighthouse,’ reprised his role as the DirectorOf Photography. MoreoverThe production team received assistance from Neil PriceYou can find the DepartmentOf Archaeology Ancient Historyat Sweden’s Uppsala UniversityTo authenticate the portrayal.

Craig LathropWho was it who worked with? EggersHis previous projects showed him how to handle the production design with an intimidating grace. IrelandFeatures a dramatic setting to entice producers and filmmakers. SinceThe country preserves a large part of its cultural heritage. IrelandThis is where you will find the best medieval period pieces. Moreover, Ireland’s DepartmentOf CultureIt administers a tax credit of 32-35% for film, television, or animation projects, which helps to alleviate the financial burden to a significant extent. LetLet us now take you directly to the locations where the movie was shot!

Northern Ireland, The UK

MostAll filming took place in or around Northern Irelanda territory that is under the control of the United KingdomLocated in the northeast corner of the island of Ireland. TheCrew set up a base at the port city of BelfastThe capital of the region, and a major economic hub. Belfast Harbour StudiosA sprawling movie production facility, located at Dargan RoadOn the outskirts Belfast, who lent their properties for most of the interior sequences. TheThe facility has two 32,964-square-foot soundstages that are fully equipped and can be used as one stage. ShortlyThe studio has grown to be very busy since its inception. They handle high-budget projects like the Netflix production ‘The SchoolFor Good Evil.’

Where Was The Northman Filmed? The Northman Filming Locations

ForThe filming team went to County Down, one of six counties in Northern Ireland. TheyFilmed many scenes in Attical (or Atticall), a small village and townland in the dramatic Mourne Mountains. ItThis is a popular hiking route. TheEpic journey also inspired the production team. BangorA small, picturesque village in the same county as. AlthoughWithin the Belfast Metropolitan AreaThe nearest seaside resort is located 14 miles east of the BelfastCity center.

Where Was The Northman Filmed? The Northman Filming Locations

WhileThe crew established a base in the town. Clandeboye EstateOne of the most opulent country estates in existence is. Northern Ireland. Locatedat Clandeboye CottagesOn Belfast Road towards BangorThe estate of 2000 acres is most well-known for the legacy left by the 1st Marquess. HoweverFollowing the death of the 5th, MarquessThe marquessate was extinct and the slice of IrishYou can now lend history as an event venue. IfThis is the place to be if you want a grand and memorable wedding. LastlyA major part of filming in Northern IrelandThe event took place in County Antrim.

Where Was The Northman Filmed? The Northman Filming Locations

Lough NeaghIt makes up a large part of the county. TheThe scenes of forest scenes were probably shot in the Antrim HillsOne of the last untapped natural resources in the world, Northern Ireland. TheCrew went to the eponymous County Seat of AntrimThe northern side of the island is home to the picturesque town of. Lough Neagh. SomeScenes were also filmed at the Torr HeadThe historic landmark is a popular tourist attraction. SituatedThe northeastern shore of Northern IrelandThe headland provides a tranquil view of the ocean. Altagore CashelAn ancient fort.

TheTeam took the tumultuous Torr RoadIt is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride and made a stop in the small town of Ballymena. TheFrom the land given to the, the foundation of the town was formed. Adair family. TheyWe also ventured further east of Ballymena towards BallygallyA picturesque village on the coast near Larne.

RepublicOf Ireland

Where Was The Northman Filmed? The Northman Filming Locations

The story of ‘The Northman’ is steeped in IrishHistory and mythology were the two main themes of the director’s tour. Ireland. TheProduction unit filmed scenes in the Inishowenpeninsula, the largest peninsula in Ireland. ThePeninsula also includes the highest point Ireland, Malin HeadThe movie captures all of its dramatic glory. WhileIt was here that the cast and crew made their way to the gazebo. Five Fingers StrandA stunning beach with massive dunes.

Where Was The Northman Filmed? The Northman Filming Locations

AdditionalScenes were shot around Gleniff HorseshoeThe nearby Cliffoney VillageIn County SligoOf Ireland. TheThe history of settlement in the Cliffoney VillageDates back to the megalithic era. WhileYou may find the cave that once housed the mythical lovers if you walk near the cliffs. Diarmuid Grainne. FansThese historical sites may be the best for you. Wild Atlantic WayEnjoy a calming view of the vast natural beauty surrounding you Ireland.


Where Was The Northman Filmed? The Northman Filming Locations

MoreoverThe crew flew to also. IcelandTo capture the icy scenes in the film. SomeThe movie features scenes that showcase the Svínafellsjökull, an outlet glacier within the more extensive glacier Vatnajökull. LocatedIn the AusturlandIt is the largest extant glacier in the region. Europe. A ‘GameOf Thrones‘ episode also visited the glacier, whose fringes form a popular hiking route. LastlyMany scenes were also film in. AkureyriThe fourth-largest township in the country is Iceland. SettlementThe history of the area can be traced back as far as the 9th century, when the movie was made. However, the township became a key port and fishing center in recent decades.

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