Where Was The Valet Filmed?

HelmedBy Richard Wong, ‘The Valet’ is a euphoric romantic comedy film weighing more towards comedy than romance. AnThe paparazzi snap their photos together after the actress is almost involved in an affair. AntonioThe parking valet for the Beverley HillsRestaurant is also shown in the photo. AtTo save face and avoid any controversies, the actress goes on a fake dating spree with the valet.

FollowingThe movie was released in high praise for its rich production value and unusually romantic atmosphere. WhileBased on the 2007 French movie of the same name (‘La doublure’ in French), the film updates the storyline by moving the location to California. NowIt is possible to wonder if the film was actually shot in the location. Golden State. InLet’s start an investigation in this case.

The Valet Filming Locations

‘The Valet’ was filmed in the southern state of GeorgiaParticularly in Atlanta. PrincipalPhotography began in March2021, Coming Under Wraps by Early Julyof the same year. Mateo LondonoAs the director of photography, he joined the board. OnOn the other hand, Rusty Smith, the production designer of ‘Get Out,’ handled the same duty on this project as well.

GeorgiaFeatures a vibrant and diverse filming industry, with state of the art studio spaces. TheState also offers a variety of landscapes and bright sunny weather which makes filming easier. MoreoverThe state offers a 20 percent tax credit that can be transferred to eligible productions in order to encourage producers to choose the state to film their projects. ForThese are just a few of the many reasons. Georgiaquickly established itself as a key player in the global movie industry. LetWe will now take you to the exact locations where the film was filmed.

Atlanta, Georgia

WhileThe story is now set. Beverley HillsThe cast and crew deemed it logistically more feasible to film the bulk part of the movie in their home. AtlantaThe capital and largest city in the state of is. Georgia. AtlantaAlmost all of the Beverley Hills locations. TheThe production team mapped the city north to south and captured several exterior sequences.

Where Was The Valet Filmed?

FurthermoreThe team might have captured key scenes in a studio located near Toronto. Atlanta. SomeOne of the most renowned filming facilities in the area is Tyler Perry Studios, Trilith Studios, and EUE/Screen Gems Studios. ApartFrom its historic role in the Civil WarThe city is well-known for its diverse mix of cultures and 24-hour nightlife. Moreover, the city is a famous seat of movie production, that features in blockbuster films and shows like ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home‘ and ‘Stranger Things.’

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