Where Was We Die Young Filmed? 2019 Movie Filming Locations

HelmedBy Lior GellerThe 2019 crime drama film ‘We Die Young’ is a sweet genre mash-up between children’s movies and hood movies. While chronicling a day’s events, the film follows LucasA 14-year old girl. HispanicBoy and his brother MiguelThey are caught up in the crime scene of brutal violence. Washington DC. LucasHe is not pleased with the way things turned out for him and is determined to keep younger brother from a life in crime. HoweverWhen? Afghan war veteran DanielSeems to be looking for drugs in the town Lucas MiguelYou can help them escape their realities and change their lives.

With Daniel’s help, LucasHe takes on his mentor, the gang-leader. With action superstar Jean-Claude Van DammeThe package is dynamic, gritty, and full of spectacular stunts. TheFilm takes place in the suburbs WashingtonDC is home to powerful drug dealers and gangs from many affiliations. HoweverYou might wonder if that is where the movie was made. Films often pass through different locations. IfWe can help you find the places where the movie was shot.

We Die Young Filming Locations

‘We Die Young’ was filmed in Bulgariaand the U.S.A. specifically in the U.S. cities of Sofia Washington DC. FilmingIn October 2018, coming under wrap by Novemberof the same year. Ivan Vatsov, who was in the camera department of ‘Rambo: Last Blood,’ handled the bulk of the cinematography. OnOn the other hand, Valentin Kolev Arta Tozzi (the art director of ‘The Protégé‘) teamed up to conduct the production design. ForProducers and filmmakers looking for unusual locations BulgariaIt has state-of the-art industry infrastructure that can handle productions of any quantity or degree.

BulgariaIt can be found from mountainous terrains to the coast, and can also be used as a substitute for other locations. AsThe cherry on top is that the country offers a 20% tax rebate on qualified productions. This seems even more lucrative when combined to the favorable currency exchange rate. Therefore, BulgariaIt has been a key hub in the global filmmaking scene. LetNow, let us take you to the locations where the movie was shot.

Sofia, Bulgaria

AlmostAll of the filming was done in Sofia, Bulgaria’s historically opulent capital city. SituatedBelow Vitosha MountainThe city’s great atmosphere and bright sunshine have led to the development of the cinema industry. ToFinish his part of the shoot Van DammeIt was 11 days that I was in the City. October22.02.2018 November 1, 2018. MostMany sequences were shot in a studio environment where cast and crew could mold the setting.

Where Was We Die Young Filmed? 2019 Movie Filming Locations

TheCrew took possession Nu Boyana Film StudiosThe city’s oldest independent film studio, it has been in operation since 1962. ItIt is located at 84 Kumata Street, Cinema Center Boyana. From ‘London Has Fallen‘ to ‘The Expendables 2,’ several action blockbusters (especially those with Eastern EuropeLinks) were shot in the famous studio.

A standing set was purpose-built for the movie’s filming, where most of the taping took place. ItThe gang-controlled Washington DC HoodThe set was created by the cast and crew. TheAlso, the team set up shoots at an AlabamaSet of town, an AmericanSet of town, and a Prison CampRounding up the schedule.

Washington, DistrictOf Columbia

Where Was We Die Young Filmed? 2019 Movie Filming Locations

AsThe movie is largely set in a dark setting. WashingtonDC neighborhood, the cast had to travel to the city in order to capture some exterior sequences. SomeHere are some early snippets. The White HouseThe official residence for the U.S. president is at ItIt is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue North WestIn Washington DC. TheCamera also captures the Washington MonumentAt 2/15 Street North WestThe Lincoln Memorialat 2 Lincoln Memorial Circle North WestIn the city. TheCast and crew brought life to the set neighborhood by interlacing it in real-life landmarks.

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