Which Country is James Reece Heading to Next in The Terminal List?

BasedThe 2018 namesake book by Jack Carr, ‘The Terminal List’ isA military action thriller series. TheStory follows Lt. Commander James Reece (Chris Pratt), a NavyLeader of the SEAL platoon, who loses almost his entire squad when a mission goes wrong. AfterReturn toThe US was the sole survivor of that mission. ReeceApparently, he kills himself while ReeceFeels headaches, hallucinations and paranoia. HisFrau LaurenHe believes that the concussion suffered during the mission was the cause. isThe reason is clear and convincing toGo to a doctor. OnThe day ReeceDoes it? LaurenTheir daughter and their son LucyAre killed by masked assassins. ThisSends ReeceOn a violent path to revenge

WhenThe dust has settled Reece is still alive. IfYou might be wondering where he lives. isHeading toNext, this isWhat you need to know. SPOILERS Ahead

Where Is James Reece Going inThe End?

After ReeceKills Ben EdwardsHe takes the following:, his best friend, former colleague and CIA operative. Lucy’s drawing inHe holds it in his hands one more time and kisses it. Then he drops it into the ocean. Ben’s sailboat. HeHe has no regrets about what he has done. IfHe probably feels relief for first time. inIt can take a while. HeA map of spots among Ben’s things, and the camera focuses on MozambiqueProbably implying that ReeceIt is intended toThere you will find it.

Carr’s book is part of the ongoing ‘Terminal List’ series. In the second book, ‘True Believer,’ ReeceIt does indeed end up in Mozambique and begins living with the family of his “blood brother,” Raife Hastings. In the show’s first season, Raife doesn’t make an appearance, but he isMultiple times. Raife isThe one who leaves the boat ReeceAnd BenSo they can get to SecretaryOf Defense Lorraine Hartley.

ReeceAnd RaifeHave a complicated and long history. isExplore in depth inThe second book. Raife isOriginal source: ZimbabweAnd still has family in Africa. In 1998, ReeceEven accompanied Raife toHis family farm was his inspiration in ZimbabweThere, he spent the summer. InThe present time is ReeceTravels throughout the Atlantic OceanA sailboat named Bitter HarvestIt is the home of toThe Hastings family.

AfterArriving at the Mozambique CoastThe Indian Ocean, Reecea few words about anchors inThe port city PembaBefore heading to Niassa Game ReserveWhere is he? isYou will be welcomed by Rich Hastings, Raife’s uncle and owner of RH Safaris. While Reece isSafely hidden inThe wilds of AfricaHe isConsidered a dangerous domestic terrorist inThe United States. HoweverThe Western world isAfter a series of horrific terrorist attacks, the US government was forced to deal with chaos. isForcibly toYou can search ReeceAs he isThe only man capable of taking on the mastermind behind these attacks, an enigmatic former IraqiCommando who seems toThey have disappeared inThe criminal underbelly Europe. WorkingFor the US government ReeceHe finds himself once again at the epicenter a massive geopolitical conspiracies.

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