Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Prime Video’s ‘Cosmic Love‘ is an interesting dating reality show that revolves around four individuals or elements who are supposed to find their life partners from a group of sixteen single contestants. While the elements are allowed to form connections out of their own free will, they are guided in their journey by the “Astro Chamber,” which gives them advice and even reveals their perfect matches based on astrological charts. HoweverIt’s not easy to map love. Astrology can help you find your ideal partner.

Season 1 of ‘Cosmic Love’ brought with it boatloads of drama, and romance, mixed with surprise twists that kept the audience interested till the last episode. NeverthelessWith the cameras now hidden from the contestants’ faces, fans are interested to know their current whereabouts. WellDo not be alarmed, we have the answers you need!

Are Yana Connor Still Together?

Although Connor ShennanHe made quite a few connections during the show and eventually proposed to them. Yana OrlovaThe two were married in the final episode. Unfortunately, current developments make it seem like the two aren’t together as they rarely interact in public and have unfollowed each other on social media. MoreoverThey seem to live independent lives. Connorhas returned to Phoenix, ArizonaHe is a wildland firefighter and earns his living while he lives in Yanais currently based out of New York City.

Are ChrisR. Maria Still Together?

Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

AfterExplore a wide range of connections Maria RodriguezFinally, settled Chris RagusaHe accepted his proposal to marry him. EvenAlthough the show captured their beautiful wedding ceremony we believe they have separated. ApartYou can’t interact with others on social media and you won’t be featured on them together. Maria Chrisappear to have unfollowed each others on Instagram. OnOn the other side, ChrisCurrently, it is located in FloridaAs an entrepreneur, he earns a living while MariaProfessional makeup artist based in New York City.

Are Noel Jazmin P. Still Together?

Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Interestingly, Jazmin PottsWas Noel Allen’s first perfect match, and the two have been pretty much inseparable since then. Although NoelAlthough he considered other connections, the idea of him returning to his original connection was not something he had in mind. JazminP. eventually proposed to her, which led them to get married. WellViewers will be thrilled to learn that although Noel Jazmin P. don’t interact much in public, there are no reports of a possible breakup, and with the couple keeping in touch over social media, we believe that they are still together. Incidentally, NoelNow lives in TampaHe is a personal trainer and nutritionist at, while JazminP. is an OrlandoHairdresser and stylist based in the United States.

Are Theresa Darren Still Together?

Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

InterestinglyEven though Theresa DarrenThey entered the show as perfect matches of different elements. But they soon realized that they were perfect for one another. ThusAs their connection grew, they decided to be together and leave the show as a couple. WellWe are happy that we can report that their recent developments, as well as their closeness via social media and the dedication they showed on the show, makes us believe that Theresa DarrenThey are still together. HoweverThey are apparently in a long-distance relationship. DarrenAs a realtor, Houston, TexasWhile TheresaIs it a NashvilleSocial media manager based in Canada

Where Is Phoebe Davis Now?

OneThese are the elements Phoebe, who came on the show with the intention to find a husband. HoweverDespite making progress with a few of the matches, things turned bad at the end and the reality star decided to work on herself before getting married. InterestinglyOnce filming is complete, you can go to the office. PhoebeReturn to San DiegoShe owns and runs a marketing company in. OnOn the other hand, she is also a rising star in the entertainment industry as an actor and model. UnfortunatelyIt appears that there is a lack of a special person in her life. Phoebeis still single HoweverWhile she was on, she made a lot of lifelong connections. Cosmic LoveHe is currently living a happy life with his family and friends.

Where Is Adrianna Raphaela Now?

Once filming wrapped, AdriannaReturn to Boca Raton, FloridaShe seems to be enjoying a life with her loved ones. AlthoughAlthough she seems to be single, she makes a living as an molecular biologist. She is also quite successful in her career. OnThe reality star is also a model and actor, and she even owns her own swimwear shop. Tres Angeles Swim.

WhereIs Ana Miranda Now?

Current resident of San Diego, AnaAfter filming ended, she went back to work as a bartender and bottle service waitress. AlthoughAlthough she appears to be single, the reality star is active and shares her memories on social media.

Where Is Caleb McDonnell Now?

A native of Ireland, CalebCurrently, it is located in Delray Beach, FloridaHe works as a realtor in this city. UnfortunatelyHe left the show as a single man and appears to still be single, but seems completely focused on his career.

Where Is Christopher J. Essex Now?

Interestingly, ChrisE. seemed to have a very promising connection with MariaUntil she got rid of him in favor Chris R. Once filming wrapped, ChrisE. settled back in his daily life. Nashville, TexasHe is a well-known country music artist. In fact, the reality star recently launched his new single, ‘Lie With Me,’ which was received well by fans.

Where Is Christopher Jones Now?

Christopher JonesCJ, also known as CJ, believed he had a chance once matched with him. Maria Rodriguez. HoweverDespite finding him very fun to hang with, MariaCJ was more of a friend than a romantic relationship. AtCJ seems to be able to move between the two at present. New York CaliforniaWhile a law student at The UniversityThis is PennsylvaniaFrom where he will graduate from in 2025.

Where Is DanaeDeSpain Now?

DanaeBuilt a close relationship with ConnorWhile she was on the show, the latter eventually eliminated her and decided to explore a relationship. Yana. Thus, DanaeShe returned to her hometown Bend, OregonAfter filming was finished, she seems to be living a happy life with her family. InterestinglyShe is also very into travel and reports suggest that she is trying to create her own lifestyle brand.

Where Is David Christopher Now?

Although David failed to find his match on ‘Cosmic Love,’ he does seem to have a lot going on for himself at this very moment. ForFor starters, let’s talk about Los AngelesResident is the CEO of his streaming network that focuses primarily upon fitness programs. Additionally, DavidHe is a professional musician and actor, as well as a personal trainer.

Where Is Jasmine Rudulfo Now?

OneThe first to be eliminated from the show. Jasmine RudulfoCurrently, it is in Dallas, TexasShe lives in, where she makes a living as social media marketer. AlthoughThe absence of a romantic partner in her life seems like a sign of her single status. JasmineShe is completely focused on her job and lives a life with her loved ones.

Where Is JavierMcIntosh Now?

Although JavierHe missed the chance to find his true love on the dating reality series, but he returned to Atlanta, GeorgiaOnce filming is complete, you can go to the office. TheReality star who appears to be single earns his living as an actor and film director. He also co-founded McProduction Studios.InTosh Bros Video, as also MVMT TV, which offers more 50 channels related black entertainment.

Where Is Morgan Raphael Now?

AnAlumnus of Penn State University, MorganCurrently, it is located in Greater Chicago AreaFrom here, she runs her blog about wellness. Bun Undone. AlthoughIn 2017, she began her blog. MorganShe has been able to grow her business over the years as well as a self-care e book. UnfortunatelyShe seems to be single, but she is enjoying the best days in her life.

Where Is Phillip Newhard Now?

Although PhillipWas willing to take all risks for it PhoebeThe latter rejected her and realized that she needed to improve herself before entering into a relationship. ThusAfter filming was completed, PhillipHe has now settled back into his daily life and is currently a shuttler between New York City Cape Cod. TheReality star makes a living as an investor in real estate and seems to be leading a happy, independent life.

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