Who is Adair Curtis From Instant Dream Home? Is He Dating or Married?

Netflix’s ‘Instant Dream Home’ isWe are here to offer the most well-renovated homes for the most deserving families that are in dire need of this transformation. And what’s interesting isThey try to complete everything in 12 hours! ThisThis is a fascinating concept. All the while, a team hardworking and highly qualified experts attempted to make it a top-to-bottom makeover has caught everyone’s attention.

TheEach episode has a heartwarming end with the surprise reveal at the final scene that makes it even more enjoyable. AsFamilies with exceptional backgrounds in community service will be given a completely transformed home. isThe dedication of the expert group that is applaudable. OneSuch a fun team member isInterior designer Adair CurtisHe is well-known for his innovative and practical approach in creating the best homes. Now that they must be eager to know everything about him, here’s what we found out!

Adair Curtis’ FamilyAnd Background

AdairCelebrates his birthday July21-years-old and is part of a close-knit, large family. HeThere are a few siblings and brothers among them. isAlso, a pair of twins and other cousins. HeHe loves his mother NickiShe is loved deeply and she is often praised for her love. AdairHe can often be seen celebrating all occasions with his family, and a few close friends. HeHe also travels to picturesque locations with his friends, such as in EuropeAnd South America.

He isAlso, a close friend to a well-known actress Gabrielle UnionThey have been to many places together. AdairStudy at New York UniversityWith a degree Digital Media Marketing Strategy.

Adair Curtis’ Profession

Adair isHe is a highly skilled and experienced professional who has worked hard to get where he is today. is today. HeFrom 2006 to 2009, I was a brand manager when I first started my career. Def Jam Enterprises, LLC, New York. NextHe was the director of the Vice PresidentThis is Communicationsat Rush Communications. WorkingAscend the ladder AdairThen, he moved to Los AngelesEventually, he was promoted to general manager All Def Music | Awesomeness MusicFrom 2013 to 2014 EventuallyHe became a co-founder of the company and began his career in interior design. Chief ExecutiveJSN StudioIn Los Angeles in 2014.

AdairAfter his company was well-known, he made numerous TV appearances, including one with a celebrity. He did an episode of ‘Access Hollywood’ in 2019 and led a show called ‘Styling Hollywood’ in 2019 where he styled the home of several A-listers. In 2021, he also appeared in a documentary called ‘Black Love’ and made guest appearances over the years on the ‘Today’ show. InHis latest show, Netflix’s ‘Instant Dream Home,’ AdairAs an interior designer, she does an amazing job bringing technology and sustainability together to create beautiful homes for families. TheWhile planning their designs, the team had to take into account all the needs of the family and also keep in mind the fact that the transformation must be completed in 12 hours.

Adair Curtis’ Husband

Adair Curtis isThe proud husband of a clothing stylist Jason BoldenThey have been married since 2012 InHis husband is actually his wife isJSN was also co-founded by him. Studio and the couple works together in providing the best designs for anyone’s home. Jason Bolden mainly does the styling for celebrities and the pair also appeared together in the 2019 show ‘Styling Hollywood’ where JasonDid the styling of the A-listers. TogetherThey received the Business Leadership AwardAt the 6th Annual Truth Awards.

TheIntimate couple April2021 was the date they were set to welcome their first child together via surrogate. TheyFinally, they welcomed their son Arrow FoxOn May24, 2021 and have been obsessed since then. They often share their son’s antics on social media and recently celebrated his first birthday. TheCouple celebrates everything together, travels with their son to beautiful destinations, and leads a happy, fulfilled life. Los Angeles. WeI wish them happiness and success in everything they do.

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