Who Is Angela Adams in The Old Man? Is She Related to Dan Chase?

‘The Old Man‘ is an action thriller series that follows Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges), a rogue CIA AgentLiving off the grid for many years. However, ChaseForced toRun after his past catches up to him and he faces the deadly consequences. AsAs the story progresses, viewers learn more information about the agents who are hunting them down. ChaseOne of them is Agent Angela Adams.

TheThe shocking twist in the third episode of the series is revealed AdamsThat directly links her to Dan Chase. ThereforeViewers need to be curious toLearn more Adams. ForFor those viewers, we have all the details. Angela AdamsHer relations to Dan Chase in ‘The Old Man.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Angela Adams?

FBI Agent Angela AdamsIntroduced in the second episode of ‘The Old Man,’ titled ‘II.’ InThe episode, FBI Assistant Director Harold Harper (John Lithgow) seeks Adams’ help inLooking for Dan Chase. HeAssigns AdamsThe task of finding the right person is daunting. Chase’s daughter. MeanwhileWe also learn that AdamsIs Harper’s closest confidant in the FBI and his trusted protégé. Nonetheless, Agent Raymond Waters (E. J. Bonilla) tries to get Adams toTurn on Harper.

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InThe series, actress Alia ShawkatEssays about the role of Angela Adams. ShawkatHer role as Maeby Fünke in the evergreen sitcom ‘Arrested Development.’ Her other credits include hit shows such as ‘Search Party,’ ‘Summer Camp Island,’ and ‘LivingWith Yourself.’ SomeAlternatively, viewers may recognize the name. ShawkatAs you can see, she is a talented performer. Madelyn Pugh inThe 2021 biographical drama film ‘Being the Ricardos.’

Is Angela Adams Related to Dan Chase?

InThe third episode of the series. Dan ChaseForced toIdentify his true identity and reveal his past to Zoe. HoweverTheir conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Chase’s daughter, Emily. ChaseKeep checking back regularly inGet in touch Emilyvia burner phones, and has removed all records that could have been used to prove her existence. HeGoes as far as toFake Emily’s death toAssure her safety. However, after EmilyYou can try toConvince ZoeShe can trust Dan… viewers finally get to see her.

Who Is Angela Adams in The Old Man? Is She Related to Dan Chase?
Image Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

AsThe shocking scene inThe third episode is revealed. EmilyIt is the only thing. Angela Adams. ThusIt is evident that ChaseHis daughter was planted inThe CIA under a false identification toYou must ensure that she remains safe. Therefore, EmilyHas been hiding inFor most of her life, she has suffered from blindness. TheTwist can also lead to a moral dilemma EmilyShe will be tested for loyalty as the case she’s working on will require her to do so. Thus, Emily/AngelaIs torn between the father figures in her life. TheTurn that EmilyIs actually Angela AdamsIt becomes more difficult because it is AdamsWho reveals? to HarperThat Dan Chase’s daughter died by suicide several years ago.

Ultimately, Angela AdamsIs Dan Chase’s daughter and has been secretly trying toGet ahead of the curve to help her father escape his enemy’s grasp. HoweverShe shares an emotional bond with her husband. Harold HarperHe is determined to assassinate ChaseAt all Costs toProtect his secrets. Thus, AdamsDouble agent, who must carefully place her everyone as the narrative progresses. However, it likely won’ be too long before AdamsForced toBetrayed ChaseOr Harper.

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