Who Is Angie’s Father In New Heights? Does Angie Find Him?

CreatedBy Marianne WendtThe Swiss-German series ‘New Heights’ is a tense and brooding family drama chronicling a family torn into pieces. SetIn a village just outside of ZurichThe series is about the suicide of a farmer, and the uncertainty that follows for the family. FarmingThe profession seems to be obsolete and costly. Therefore, the family decides whether to revive the family legacy or dispose of the property.

KatherinaThe wife doesn’t want to be tied down. MichiThe son has a highly-functioning job in the City; SarahThe daughter is struggling to keep her gym in operation. AsThe conflicting forces clash and reveal some shocking secrets within the family. SarahAnd her daughter AngieForm a compelling story line and you will be able to wonder who Angie’s father might be. InWe can help you get insured in that situation. SPOILERS Ahead

Who Is Angie’s Father? Does Angie Find Him?

AngieIt is Sarah’s teenage daughter, and most of Sarah’s efforts and struggles revolve around Angie. When SarahYou cannot raise money Angie’s school trip, AngieIt is rude to Sarah. WhenShe collects the money with some help of her budding friend LorisShe still has to be subjected to verbal abuse Angie. MostOf Angie’s resentment towards SarahThis is because she has no father figure in her life. SomeYou may think that you are right at the beginning. PirminThe studio’s head sales officer, he is also the father of AngieAs PirminAnd SarahDehumanizing sex.

Who Is Angie’s Father In New Heights? Does Angie Find Him?

HoweverAs AngieLearn more SarahHer father was killed in a car accident that left her devastated. HoweverWhile you are at Neumatt, AngieShe has a fight with her loudmouth great grandmother. SheTells AngieHer father could still be alive, and that would be a good thing. SarahShe has been feeding her a lie. AfterThe revelation AngieStorms out of the home SarahAnd LorisYou can look for it in your own way. AngieBoth of them return empty-handed. However, AngieThe next morning, he appears at the door. SheEvidently, she went out to have a drink and toast her father’s memory.

LaterThe morning began with a probe into the office of Neumatt, AngieAnd SarahThat is what you will find KatherinaHas signed a non-disclosure contract with the family Angie’s father against a lucrative amount of money. ItThere is no better way to have a brawl than between yourselves SarahAnd Katherina, but KatherinaLater attempts to explain the contents of the document were made. AccordingTo KatherinaThe family of Angie’s father intimidated them into signing the contract. However, taken from the record Angie deduces that her father’s family lives in Uster, a large cityship in the Swisscanton of Zurich.

SarahDecides to be open AngieAbout the pregnancy. Following Sarah’s account, she, Michi, Urs, a friend Michi, ended up at the concert. MichiHad to take an early vacation UrsWe have made progress to take SarahGo to the bathroom and rape her. Presumably, UrsIncorporated some sedative medications Sarah’s drink since she could not even scream during the incident. Afterward, UrsMakes an exit to pursue education in FranceWhile you are leaving Sarahto raise the children by herself. HoweverIrony is that MichiYou don’t know anything about Urs’ doings until AngieHe confronts him outside of the studio.

LaterFollowing a momentary dilemma, MichiMakes a decision to make things right Sarah. TheyHave a hearty conversation MichiAsks SarahTell him if you need help. TowardsThe finale is over AngieSeems to have found Urs’ number from the non-disclosure document. SheCalls to Ms. Sutter, who appears as the mother of Urs. EvenIf she has the opportunity to speak to her UrsWe doubt that she introduces herself as Urs’ daughter. Although we do not know the call’s outcome, we hope that AngieIn either case, you get closure.

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