Who Is Archie Waters? Is He Dead in Pretty Little Liars Original Sin?

‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin‘ is a slasher horror series that serves as a spin-off of ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ ItA new set of guidelines follows. Little Liars (Imogen, Tabby, Noa, Faran, Mouse) who are trapped inA psychological game by A. The girls find themselves on A’s target for a sin seemingly committed by their mothers years ago.

Thegroup deduces that A is connected to the death Angela Waters, a classmate of one of their mothers. HoweverThe season 1 finale. Archie WatersIt makes matters even more complicated. IfYou are probably wondering who Archie WatersIs and his fate in ”Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin,’ here are all the answers! SPOILERS BEFORE!

Who Is Archie Waters?

Archie WatersFirst mentioned in the tenth and final episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ season 1, titled ‘Chapter Ten: Final Girls.’ However, the character’s presence can be felt throughout the first season. InThe season’s viewers learn that Angela WatersHe was a classmate Little Liars’ mothers. SheSuicide after being raped by Thomas BeasleyThe author of the SheriffOf Millwood. ThoseResponsible for Angela’s death remain unpunished, and holding them accountable is the goal of the notorious serial killer A.

ThereforeThe twist ending to the season 1 finale reveals that A is actually revealed. Archie Waters. ArchieThis is the twin sibling of Angela Waters. The children were born to Marshall ClantonThe principle of Millwood High, Rose Waters. HoweverTHe ClantonsRefused to acknowledge Rose’s pregnancy leading to the children growing up without a father. Moreover, ArchieHis mother kept him indoors because he had a deformed appearance. Years later, ArchieWorks with his father Principal Clanton, to avenge his sister’s death.

Is Archie Waters Dead?

Archie WatersIt is revealed that serial killer A, who has been targeting girls since the first episode, is responsible. InThe final. ClantonInstructions ArchieTo kill Imogen’s baby. ArchieFollows ImogenThe girl flees from her high school and runs to the home she grew up in. However, ArchieContinue to follow ImogenIt arrives at the AdamsFamily house ImogenYou can hide in the bathroom, but ArchieSoon she will be found. Archie attacks ImogenShe tries to kill her baby with a knife However, ImogenThey fight back and they get into a brawl. InThe end. ImogenStaples ArchieHe almost kills him.

Who Is Archie Waters? Is He Dead in Pretty Little Liars Original Sin?

However, the episode’s final moments hint that ArchieIt is possible that they are still alive. TheFinal moments reveal that the masked murderer is active once again. Moreover, A kills ChipAnd Sheriff BeasleyHe completes his charade. TheEnding strongly hints at A, aka Archie WatersDespite being stabbed repeatedly by the attackers, he somehow survived. Imogen. While the finale’s ending confirms that A is still active, it does not reveal whether ArchieIt is under the mask. InThe aftermath of the Little LiarsEnd ClantonAnd Archie’s charade, the duo’s fate is never confirmed.

WhileAccording to police, the officers were arrested ClantonThere is no mention of police recovering Archie’s dead body. HoweverIt is highly unlikely. ArchieGiven that Imogen stabbed him straight inThe neck. HenceIt is probable that someone else will be the one to blame. ArchieIs masquerading as A. NonethelessIf Archie Waters did survive the finale’s climatic events, the Little LairsWould be inIt can be a lot of trouble. Moreover, viewers know little about A’s past, his deformities, and life post Angela’s death. HenceThere are many stories to be told about the character.

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