Who is Arthur Mafokate? Know More About Arthur Mafokate’s Personal Life Informations. – News

Who is Arthur Mafokate? Know More About Arthur Mafokate’s Personal Life Informations. - News

Who is Arthur Mafokate?

Arthur MafokateOften referred to as “The Big Bang Theory”,KingOf Kwaito,” isA South AfricanMusic producer and musician. He isThe 999 Music Labelcreator is a privately-owned company that produces top musicians of various genres. MafokateIn Soweto, Gauteng, July10, 1962 and he isCurrently, 59 years. He isThe son of philanthropists and Olympicequestrian Enos MafokateHe and his family eventually moved to Midrand. Brenda Fassie, Monwa & Son, Johnny Mokhaliwere among those who hired him as a backup dancer.

Arthur Mafokate’s Biography

Name  Arthur Mafokate
Profession  Singer, Songwriter, Record Label Owner
Age  60 years
DateOf Birth 10 July 1962
Birthplace Soweto, Gauteng Province, South Africa.
Nationality  South African
Education  Wits Business School
Parents  Father – Enos Mafokate

Mother- NA

Siblings  Oupa Mafokate (Makhendla) Dead
Marital Status Single 
Wife  No
Kids  4, AJ Mafokate, Owami Mafokate, Kelello Mafokate, Onalenna Mafokate
Net Worth  R22 Million ($1 Million dollars)

Arthur Mafokate’s Age

Arthur MafokateWas born on July10, 1962 and will be 60 years of age by 2022. The South African singer isOriginal source: Soweto, South AfricaLater, he moved to MidrandTogether with his family. ArthurHe was born into a ChristianWell-Cultured family Arthur’s father isThe only exception is the OlympicEquestrian and philanthropist Enos Mafokate. 

Arthur Mafokate’s Wife

Arthur MafokateAccording to reports, he had never been married. PeopleHis four children, three of them girls and one boy, are often the reason for speculation about his wife. ForThis is probably why the kwaito veteran prefers to keep this part of his life private. HoweverIt isIt is well-known that ArthurHas difficulty distinguishing between professional relationship and personal relationships. TheSinger has a well-Signed to his 999: Documented habit of dating women Records label. HisRelationship with his signee Queen Iyaya (Iyaya Sesoko) produced his second child and first daughter, OwamiCurrently, she is a DJ and shares her father’s passion for music.

Arthur MafokateAlso, had dated Busiswe “Cici” ThwalaSigned to his 999 Records label. TheAcrimony ended the relationship with each party filing an assault complaint against the other. CiciClaim Arthur MafokateShe abused her when she was pregnant. However, The case against the 9999 RecordsThe CEO was fired.

Arthur Mafokate’s Kids

TheFour children have been born to kwaito star. Arthur Mafokate, Jr., a DJ isThe first child. The second, OwamiHis relationship with, led to the birth of. Queen IyayaStarting at 999 Records (Iyaya Sesoko).

KelelloAnd OnalennaThe last two children of kwaito star, conceived in 2005 and 2013, were. TheirThe identities of mothers are not known.

AlthoughIt appears that there are no mothers. Arthur Mafokate isHe does a great job as a single dad raising his children. HeHas a close relationship and boasts about his children on social media.

Arthur Mafokate’s Career

HeHe started out as a backup for many artists. Johnny Mokhali, Brenda Fassie, Monwa Son’sMusic would make him move. HeThis experience led to his discovery of his musical talent. ItHe also had his vocal chords strengthened. HeHe began work on his first hit. Kaffir1995. TheSong spoke out about the positive developments the country had experienced since 1994’s political reforms. SoHe’s already released seven more Kwaito albums. In South AfricaWorldwide KwaitoMusic has a large following. AsA result Arthur Mafokate’sHis compositions have earned him recognition, mainly because he was one the first to sing. Kwaito music.

Arthur Mafokate’s Net Worth

HeHe is a highly paid singer and has built a considerable net worth. His net worth isR22 is the estimated value Million ($1 Million dollars). TalkingHe was the first artist to win the award. Song Of The Yearcategory at South African Music Awards. HePresented the 2007 FNB Music Award to him for his contributions to this new generation of music. South African Music Awards. HeReceived the Lifetime Achievement AwardThe 2016 South African MetroFM Music AwardsIn honor of his 22-Year of amazing music journey.


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