Who is Erik Curtis From Instant Dream Home? Is He Dating or Married?

Many families with good hearts and values might be able to realize their dream of a renovated home thanks to Netflix’s ‘Instant Dream Home‘ show. TheseThe most creative remodeling professionals are able to renovate the homes of those who work hard to make a difference in their communities. TheThe most striking feature of the new reality series, as suggested by its title, is its name. isIt attempts to finish every makeover in one 12-hour cycle, breaking all previous remodeling records.

The heart-warming reactions of the families after their homes are entirely transformed from top to bottom fulfill the purpose of the teams’ efforts. TheExpert team takes on huge risks and works under extreme pressure to transform homes. OneThis project was a team member who gave their creative best is Erik Curtis. HisCarpenter’s delicate, yet practical planning brought out the best in renovated homes. If you wish to know more about this talented artist, here’s what we found out!

Erik Curtis’ Age, Family, Background

BornOn October 6, 1987, Erikbelongs to a huge LatvianA family that includes a brother and a sister named Aleks Curtis. The now-34-year-old isA resident of PhiladelphiaApart from woodworking or carpentry, he isAlso, a teacher of the art form. ErikHis graduation was completed with a Bachelor of Arts. His majors were in history and religion. Eastern UniversityHe then furthered his woodworking skills by learning from others. The CenterFor Furniture CraftsmanshipIn Maine.

Erik isHe is a private man and will not reveal any information about his family members. HeHe only promotes his regular practice and coaching about the art. HoweverHe does take photos of his little niece, who he loves very much.

Erik Curtis’ Profession

Erik is a self-proclaimed “hand-tool purist” who considers the craft of designing and carving a piece of furniture from a piece of wood a great art. AfterIn 2012, he completed his CFC course. ErikFive years as a professional furniture manufacturer. He then joined Moorestown Friends SchoolAs a 3D design and woodworking instructor in 2017. Sharing why he wanted to coach young students, he said “MakingThe world is a better place isMy goal is to be a maker of things and make the world a better place. isMy goal as a person. TeachingYoung people should respect themselves and their abilities is the first step toward that end.”

ErikAs he continues to teach woodworking craft through various platforms, he now works with a variety clientele. InstagramYouTube. HeYouTube has many videos, including instructional videos about how to build certain furniture. or do’s and don’ts in woodworking orVideos of him working on various projects. HeCollaborates with clients through commissions, and also designs custom products with companies like Saburrtooth, Home Depot, and TotalBoat.

ThroughAll his work ErikIt also holds charity auctions and collaborates closely with other artists to create unique furniture. HeAlso, he has his own website, E N CurtisYou can browse through his handcrafted items and even order from him at www.crafty.com His eventual work in Netflix’s ‘Instant Dream Home’ reflects his skills and dedication to delicately working towards creating products that are perfect for families with several unique creative approaches.

Is Erik Curtis’ Dating Anyone?

Unfortunately, ErikHe has not shared any information about his relationship life on any platform. AlthoughHe is not an introverted individual, since he hasn’t mentioned being in a relationship, it can be safe to assume that Erik isSingle and mainly focused on his woodworking crafts. AsHe isHe does a great job professionally. isPerhaps he is trying to grow his career and become an even more famous renovation expert. ThereforeWe would like to wish you a happy birthday. ErikHe achieves the best in all aspects of his career and enjoys all the happiness and success that comes his way.

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