Who is Hugo in Now and Then? Where is the Money?

‘Now & Then’ follows theA group of college friends are bound together by a dark secret. TheBilingual thriller series isCreated by Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira. In the series, friends Marcos, Pedro, Alejandro, Ana, Sofia, and Dani’s lives turn upside down after Alejandro dies On theOn the eve of their graduation. TheFriends cover up their involvement in Alejandro’s death to protect themselves from law enforcement. HoweverTwenty years later, they are extorted by a mysterious individual.

As theAs the narrative progresses viewers meet.  Hugo, a young man who isIt is hard to believe that they are even aware of it. the friends’ past andClosely related to theNacht Alejandro died. ThereforeViewers must be curious to find out more about the subject. Hugo. Moreover, Hugo isAlso, connect to theMoney theFriends donated to the blackmailer. HenceViewers should also be searching for answers inThis is important. InIn that case, you can find the following: isEverything you need to learn about Hugo and theMoney in ‘Now & Then.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who is Hugo?

Hugo isIntroduced in the second episode of ‘Now & Then,’ titled ‘Buried,’ with actor Matt Mitchell (‘Modern Family‘) essaying the role. Hugo is theSon of Daniela, aka Dani, and is present at his mother’s funeral. HoweverNone of them. Marcos, Pedro, Ana, and SofiaThis is what you need to know DaniHas a son. At the funeral, HugoGives a tribute to his mother. After theFuneral, he isQuestioned by Detective FloraWho is a believer in that? Dani’s death isThis is connected to Alejandro’s unsolved case from years ago.

Who is Hugo in Now and Then? Where is the Money?

Sofiatries to discreetly talk with Hugo and coerce information about theMoney DaniShe was allegedly blackmailed by her friends. However, Hugo isYou are not aware the money. LaterIt isIt was revealed that Hugo isIn fact theSon of Jessica Thompson, theWoman who died inAfter a car accident the group’s car collided with her vehicle. FlashbacksThat is what you should do Danibecame Hugo’s nanny andEventually, however, it fell inWith whom do you love? Hugo’s father. ThusShe became his adoptive mom. However, Hugo’s father walked out on his family sometime later, leaving DaniTo raise Hugo alone.

Where is the Money?

In the series premiere episode, a mysterious person blackmails theFive friends for $1,000,000 At theEnd of theEpisode, it isIt was revealed that DaniShe had apparently blackmailed her friends the money. HoweverBefore MarcosShe can be confronted. Dani is found dead under mysterious circumstances. Moreover, theMoney isShe is missing from her home. Initially, HugoHe claims that he isYou are not aware the money’s whereabouts. However, at theEnd of theSecond episode isIt was revealed that Hugosecretly kept theMoney for himself.

Who is Hugo in Now and Then? Where is the Money?

TheEnding means that HugoPerhaps there was a reason. theThe entire blackmailing plot was in place all along and Dani could’ve just been a pawn inHis plan. However, Hugo might also be working on someone else’s orders. MoreoverOne of the most important is theTapes starting at Dani’s video collection is missing. HugoIt is likely that it has theMissing tape, which contains incriminating evidence the friends. GivenHe has theMoney andPotentially thetape, we could possibly see more Hugo in theComing episodes.

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