Who is Maya in Fear the Walking Dead? Where is Marco?

The thirteenth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7 begins with Dwight SherryMeeting a stranger in theWoods followed by walkers EvenHowever, a radioactive walker closes inOn her, despite Sherry’s attempts to save her, DwightArrives in theWoods to Kill the dead. SurprisedIt is possible to see someone without safety gear. theA couple asks her who is she? is. TheStranger replies that she is MayaWho is it? isTo the TowerTo find her son Marco. IfYou want to learn more about theLet us share our thoughts about this mysterious character. SPOILERS Ahead

Who is Maya?

MayaMeetings Dwight SherryAfter traveling on a vessel for an unknown number days. She doesn’t reveal theWhere she lives inBut it isIt is evident that it isA radiation-free area TheInadequacy of protective gears in MayaHelp theShe will be the perfect partner for a couple isNot from any nearby area. Mayalistened to Strand’s invitation to join his community and isGoing to the Tower inSearch for her son MarcoHe mysteriously disappeared from his and Maya’s tent. UponListening to Strand’s words, MayaShe believes her son can be in the Tower.

Who is Maya in Fear the Walking Dead? Where is Marco?

DwightLeads MayaTo the TowerThink about it. the establishment isIt is safer for her to be a mother of a child. EvenHe was a good man. isWe are going to wage war against Strand, DwightKnows that Maya may survive in Strand’s haven for thefor the sake of her son. Maya’s arrival also reveals that there isA radiation-free area MorganTo keep Baby Mo safe. WhenHe comes to realize that theSubmarine isExposed to radiation, he is forced to leave for Maya’s unknown original location. IfHe succeeds inFinding the same, MayaIndirectly, you can save Baby Mo’s life.

TheRadiation-free Region MayaYou can even get it from theOriginal PADRE HerReaction to the radioactive walkers and radiation exposure indicates that her region wasn’t even affected by theNuclear blast, like PADRE. If that’s the case, MayaCould be a significant character in theRest of theSeason 7 episodes. If StrandLearn more Maya’s region from her, his ambitions may make him consider leaving for thePlace to conquer it. With AliciaHe is a walking, talking machine. theThe tyrant of the TowerHe might consider moving from his community. theBuilding to Maya’s region.

TheExistence of MayaLife is good. isSurviving better inOther places are better than the one you’re currently in theLocality the Tower. She isA personification of hope MorganHis allies believe that she will return to her original location. Baby MoA good chance to survive.

Where is Marco?

Marco’s whereabouts are unknown. Maya’s son has vanished from his and his mother’s tent a few months before MayaMeetings Dwight Sherry. TheOnly the most important details Maya knows about her son’s missing isThat the dead aren’t responsible for Marco’s disappearance. Asper MayaShe would have been hurt. theIf they found a walker, Marco in theShe was in the same tent as she was sleeping. When StrandCommunicates with theLiving outside survivors the Tower, MayaListens to theSame and thinks about whether her son is in the establishment.

IfNot the walkers, Marco isMost likely, someone has taken you. Since Maya hasn’t found her son’s dead body even after multiple months, he may haven’t died inNatural causes have affected their region. Otherwise, MarcoYou may have heard about Strand’s Tower theFacilities in theestablishment to leave thethe same, but without informing MayaFearing her resistance, he might.

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