Who is Nick Cutsumpas From Instant Dream Home? Is He Dating or Married?

AsThe name suggests it: Netflix’s ‘Instant Dream Home’ follows a team of super-expert renovators trying to complete the ultimate home makeover in merely 12 hours! TheShow selects hardworking, well-deserving families in dire need of a home renovation. TheyTry to break this record and complete the transformation from top-to-bottom in 12 hours. This will surprise your families. TheThese projects are best managed by experts, from planning to execution.

WhileThe show offers a fun and enjoyable experience for families. It also gives a glimpse into the hard work that each expert puts forth. OneSuch expert played a significant role is Nick Cutsumpas. He isThe exterior and landscape designer who brought a lot of creativity to renovate the homes. HisHis green creative approach has attracted a lot of attention, which should make his fans curious to learn more about him. If you’re eager to know more about him as well, here’s what we know!

Nick Cutsumpas’ Age, Family, Background

BornOn April 13, 1990, Nick Cutsumpaswas born in and raised in White Plain, New York. HeHe is part of a close-knit, extended family that includes his parents as well as a sister named Karen Tenner Cutsumpas. GrowingHis loving environment was a great place to grow up. Nick carve his journey as a plant expert quite smoothly. Hismother isHe was also interested in farming, and he mentioned how his sister played an important role in helping him discover the wide world and begin backyard gardening in his earliest days.

The now-30-year-old ‘Instant Dream Home’ expert graduated from White Plains High School, New YorkHe was the captain of both varsity basketball and baseball and was also a member on the National Honors Society. NickHis father died in that moment. BachelorThis is Science(BS), in PsychologyWith MinorsIn Leadership EntrepreneurshipFrom Tufts UniversityFrom 2010 to 2014. NickHe was a big fan of baseball from his earliest days. Later, he would also coach his school’s baseball team.

Nick Cutsumpas’ Profession

JustAs any passionate entrepreneur, NickGraduated from college and worked in the corporate world to get to know his interests. HeIBM – Worked WatsonAs a Sports Wellness Business Development ManagerFor 2 years, from 2014 to 2016. PostHe worked as DirectorThis is Business Developmentat Satisfi Labs. HoweverWhile working for these top-notch companies, Nick felt a void and as if he was going into “green withdrawal.” This probably also stemmed from the fact that he began planting small items like a tomato in his parents’ garden as a hobby while working in the corporate world.

This “withdrawal” led him to buy 95 houseplants at a time and he gradually decided to quit his job and pursue a career in horticulture and plant entrepreneurship. NickHe knew him isHe is good at what he does isDoing what he does isIt was a passion that he found fulfilling and he soon gained 75 clients. He also created a reality TV show about flower arrangements. HeHe then worked to grow his client base, and to create his social media channels to promote his work to his followers and teach them about plant growing and care.

NickHe was then rebranded as Farmer NickIn 2020, he began teaching people about growing plants, the delicate details of caring for each plant, and how to grow plants sustainably. He addresses himself as a “’plantrepreneur’ who is passionate about all things green” and also promotes edible gardens and a plant-based lifestyle. NickLater, the address was changed to Los Angeles and garnered more clients and a larger base of “plant-parents.” Nick’s story has been covered on several platforms like Business InsiderNew York Times, Vogue, and he also participated at the 2020 Netflix reality competition series ‘The Big Flower Fight.’ Now he works as a landscape and garden designer and joined the team of ‘Instant Dream Home’ experts as the exterior designer.

Nick Cutsumpas’ Girlfriend

Nick isDating a fellow plant lover ChicagoWho now lives in Los AngelesName Alana Williams. TheySince the middle of 2020, they have been dating and are continuing to be together. TheyThey are both passionate about the plants world and are often seen supporting each others and promoting green living. She studied Food Law PolicyThis made her very interested in the country’s food system and food production in general.

Alana worked for a while in the farmers market where she got so engrossed in that world that she decided to pursue a master’s degree in Food Policy. WhileDoing her masters in New York, Alanamet NickThey met at a dinner party themed on soil and they got to talk regularly because they shared similar interests. TheySlowly, they began to fall for each other and started dating in 2020. Now, they both live in LA and are happily leading a “green” life with their dog, Beau.

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