Who is the Mole? Who Killed Han-cheol?

EvenIntelligent, well-made thriller films and TV shows are made theIt is a mistake to give their protagonists intellectual plot armor. Their actions don’t seem to have consequences even when they would have in a remotely realistic scenario. They escape theFall of theProverbial dominos are always there simply because they’re the protagonists. HoweverEvery once in a while, a show or film takes the stereotypical approach to storytelling and flips it on its head. One such show is Netflix’s South Korean thriller series ‘A Model Family.’ ItIts protagonist is Park Dong-ha (Woo JungThrough hell. A family man through all of it. DongTo protect his wife and children, -ha learns that he must be a drug mule. Here isEverything you need to learn about the ending of ‘A Model Family.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

A Model Family Season 1 Recap

OneA quick look theShow and theMain family isIrony enough to make you laugh isPlay in the title. The ParksWe are not a family of models by any definition. However, it’s not entirely because of a lack of effort. ThereIt was a time when theThe past was simpler. theFamilie was happy. NowTheir circumstances have taken that joy out of their lives. Dong-ha and his spouse Eun-ju were literature students at the university, but the latter couldn’t graduate as she became pregnant with a daughter, Yeon-woo. A few more years later, after their son’s birth, Hyun-woo, it was you. theHis family learned that he was ill and needed a transplant. Since then, theHospital has become their second home.

Dong-ha isAn assistant professor at a university Eun-ju can be used as a translator. The money they earn just isn’t enough to support theFamily and pay Hyun-woo’s medical bills. AndYet, they were able gather their wealth despite making huge sacrifices theMoney for Hyun-woo’s surgery. As theWhen series begins, we learn that Dong-ha has spent all of that money trying to get a job as a full-time Professor. Although his wife doesn’t know about this yet, she has grown deeply resentful of him and isYou are preparing to divorce him.

Oneday, returning home Dong-ha finds a van with two bodies inside and an exorbitant amount money. Thinking it’s an answer to his prayers, he takes theMoney and buries theCleans his yard of bodies and cleans it. the van before abandoning it. ButAs we have already mentioned, actions can have consequences in this series. Dong-ha, who has never ventured out to? theThe wrong side of thelaw before, makes mistakes and draws thePay attention the police.

It isIt was revealed that theMoney Dong-ha now has in he possession was generated through theDrug trade ThereThere are basically two gangs theStart with the show. The Sangseon RingBrings theDrug to South KoreaWhile the Yongsoo Ring isIn charge of the distribution. TheMoney was intended to be. thePayment for a shipment AsIt has not reached its destination. isSupposed to theMembers the Yongsoo RingThey could be in grave danger. Their leader, Yong-soo sends one of his trusted lieutenants Ma Kwang-chul to search the money.

MeanwhileOne of them is theTwo men whose bodies were found in the same place Dong-ha found isIt was revealed to be Han-cheol is an undercover officer of the police force. Detective Kang Joo-hyun begins investigating theDespite her superiors telling she not to, she continued to investigate. theDeath of Han-cheol. TheyThey fear that if it is revealed that an undercover officer has died, it will ruin their careers. Both Kwang-chul Joo-hyun move into Dong-ha’s neighborhood. TheFormer wants to find theMoney is important while theThe latter wants to maintain surveillance theFind the past and discover what happened to Han-cheol.

After Dong-ha digs out Han-cheol’s mobile phone, he discovers that his wife was having an affair with the man. InEpisode 3 Kwang-chul realizes it was Dong-ha! the money. Initially, Kwang-chul wants a kill Dong-ha, but then he figures that the assistant professor isYou are worth more alive. After all, Dong-ha isA father with a sick child is a man of integrity. And that’s how Dong-ha can be used as a drug mule Kwang-chul.

In theSeason 1 finale the Yongsoo RingCompletely dismantle following theDeaths of Yong-soo, his brother in-law Choi Kang-jun. Joo-hyun finds a way for justice to be done themole within thepolice department that provided information to Yongsoo Ring. Kwang-chul establishes control over theDistribution of drugs Dong-ha decides he will surrender to the authorities.

A Modern Family Ending: Does Dong-ha Save His Family?

From theMoment he finds the money in the van Dong-ha’s life has been spiraling out of control. TheWay Eun-ju treats him isAbsolutely horrible. Although ‘A Model Family’ attempts to establish that her behavior stems from years’ worth of disappointment and broken dreams, theHer attacks are pure cruelty Dong-ha was emotionally destroyed. ThisOnly increases are possible after Eun-ju discovers his true identity the money they had saved up for their son’s operation.

Yes, Dong-ha saves his loved ones, but the ending indicates their ordeal isn’t over. AsHe serves as theDrug mule who delivers undiluted methamphetamine in disguise to conceal it. theYou can choose from a variety of water bottles Kwang-chul’s customers. AnUnexpected bonds can be formed between people the two men. Ultimately, Kwang-chul protects DongBy eliminating -ha and his family Messenger, theThat is the dreaded cleaner the Sangseon Ring sends after theMoney disappears

Who is the Mole? Who Killed Han-cheol?

TheLives of the ParkFamily members can be even more complicated. Dog-ha’s father, Deuk-soo, shows on. He isA conman who swindles Joo-hyun sends to and finds -hyun DongHe hopes that his son will approach him. the authorities. Even though he hasn’t been there for Dong-ha before, DeukHis son and his family are blessed by -soo

When the season ends, theThere are many marital problems between Dong-ha Eun-ju is far from being solved. As Dong-ha approaches theHe is called by police to report to the precinct. A mysterious man speaks from thethe other end, telling him not to give up thePhone safe theIt is vital for the well-being of his family. And theThe circle seems to start over again. This mysterious man can’t be Kwang-chul, or his underlings. SoHe isMost likely one theHigh-ranking members Sangseon RingTargeting Dong-ha, because of his connection Kwang-chul.

Who is the MoleIn the Police Department?

DuringHer investigation. Joo-hyun discovers there isA mole in thepolice department, and it isthe person who provided information Han-cheol. SheFinally, he discovers that he is a lieutenant Jung-kook is the mole. She is theOne who advised Kang-jun to take out Han-cheol. When Jung-kook discovers that her secret could be exposed at any time, and she fatally shots Yun-seok was a police officer who worked closely with Joo-hyun to hide her wrongdoings. UnfortunatelyFor Jung-kook, Yun-seok Records theThe entire incident that led to his death.

Who is the Mole? Who Killed Han-cheol?Joo-hyun felt romantic for Han-cheol was a favorite of hers Yun-seok. SheLeaves theEvidence she has gathered against JungBefore going to, -kook together with two trusted officers theprecinct and practically executed her mentor. Although Joo-hyun is arrested, the entire fiasco involving Han-cheol’s death and the law enforcementThis isficials’ complicity comes to light.

Who Killed Han-cheol?

Who is the Mole? Who Killed Han-cheol?

One of the prevalent mysteries of ‘A Model Family’ is theDeath of Han-cheol. In theSeason finale Dong-ha digs out the van’s dashcam and learns what actually happened on that fateful evening. While Han-cheol and his companion Myeong-su: We are heading to theDesignated meeting spot for delivering the money. Myeong-su got a call, most likely from Kang-jun, and told Han-cheol should pull over so that he could urinate. TheMoment Han-cheol was stopped the car, Myeong-su attacked. Both men died in the encounter. WithHis last breath. Han-cheol Eun-ju’s name just as his van bumped into Dong-ha’s car. Later, Joo-hyun finds Han-cheol’s body after Dong-ha sends a photograph of theLocation through the man’s phone.

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