Who Is the Narrator of House of the Dragon?

‘House of the Dragon’ is an HBO fantasy action series created by Ryan J. Condal George R. R. Martin. ItIt is based on certain sections of Martin’s 2018 book ‘Fire & Blood,’ the prequel to Martin’s ongoing epic fantasy series, ‘A Song of Ice Fire,’ the source material of ‘Game of Thrones.’ TheStory begins in the continent of Westeros172 years ago Daenerys TargaryenThese are the focuses theBrutal war ofSuccession between two factions of the ruling Targaryen dynasty. Like its predecessor, ‘House of the Dragon’ is filled to theThere is a lot of political intrigue, violence, sex, and corruption. ItThere are many dragons. theOriginal series If you are wondering whether ‘House of the Dragon’ has a narrator and who that person is, we got you covered.

Who ServesAs the NarratorOn House of the Dragon?

Martin wrote ‘Fire & Blood’ from thePerspective of Archmaester Gyldayn of the Citadel of Oldtown, theYou can find more information atuthor of the unfinished history book ‘Fire & Blood, Being a History of the Targaryen Kings of Westeros.’ ItCovers theYears from Aegon I’s conquest to the regency of Aegon III. This makes ‘Blood & Fire” more ofA descriptive novel is preferred to a narrative novel.

‘House of the Dragon’ predominantly revolves around the TargaryenWar ofSuccession is known as the “dance of the dragons,” or more ominously, the “dying of the dragons.” InHis works are MartinOft, a plot device is known as theUnreliable narrator the viewers can’t necessarily trust theAccounts starting at theFirst-person point of view. While, as mentioned above, ‘Blood & Fire’ is mostly descriptive rather than narrative, Archmaester Gyldayn’s account of the dance of theThe four main sources of dragons are: theAccounts of Grand Maester Orwyle, Grand Maester Munkun, Septon EustaceCourt jester Mushroom. AccordingSources semi-canonical Archmaester GyldaynDuring the reign of RobertI Baratheon, toward the tail end of theSince the third century Aegon’s conquest. SoHe relies on them, which is understandable. the works ofOthers for his own account of history.

However, CondalDuring an interview with them, he made it clear PolygonIn 2022, they wouldn’t be using. the unreliable narrator aspect of the book in ‘House of the Dragon. “AsIt’s fun! RashomonStyle ofStorytelling is what we do. ofThat’s it! thebook and decided to instead try to define what we think theObjective truth of this actual history was, as we saw it,” he said. “CertainSome historians are right and some historians are wrong. SometimesThey all get it right. Sometimes they all get it wrong — sometimes Mushroom’s even right, by chance. AndThat was my opinion. theFun of theIt is important to adapt to interplay with the book as a companion piece.”

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Instead, what we hear in ‘House of the Dragon’ is the voice ofAn adult Rhaenyra Targaryen, theTochter of King Viserys TargaryenHis heir. SheIs shown in theShow more Emma D’ArcyWhile Milly Alcock portrays the younger version of the character. After her father’s death, RhaenyraHer followers became known as the blacks during the dance of theDragons are civil war. TheyThese are not supported by the greens, comprising AegonII Targaryen, the son of ViserysI Alicent Hightower, and his followers. Rhaenyra’s narration set the tone for theSeries, foreshadowing theBitter feud is yet to come.

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