Who is the next Killer in Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight isAsymmetrical horror game that challenges up to four players SurvivorsFind a way to get out the map before they’re captured and sacrificed to The Entity byOne of a large range of Killers. Developer Behaviour InteractiveAdds a new dimension KillerAnd SurvivorWith each update, this guide explains who the next Killer in theThe game will be.

Chapter 24 details

At thetime of writing, little isKnow more Chapter 24. BasedOn theTimeframes from the past ChaptersThey have been released inThis is what it looks like nextOne isExpected to launch on May 31. However, it’s usually revealed and tested on the Public Test Server ahead of time, so it’s unlikely that this is theDate Chapter24 will be released. WhileDetails on the ChapterAlthough they are rare, there have been a few leaks from theLatest update

Dead by Daylight Chapter 24 killer

AccordingDBDLeaks is a trusted source for leaked news in the United States. the Dead by Daylight community, theThe latest update theFiles related to the game were included in the game Chapter 24. TheseFiles reveal that theNeue Killer isSo called The Dredge, a foul-looking beast that looks more like an insect parasite than anything else. This Killer’s special ability, The GloamingIt is rumored to allow it to make remnants that can occupy lockers to prevent SurvivorsYou can use them. ItHas a NightfallThe meter that builds by dealing damage to SurvivorsOnce filled, it can cause total darkness for all survivors for 60 days.

TheDetails of three new leaks were also revealed Killer perks for The Dredge. TheseIncrease the Terror RadiusOther status effects or injuries inflicted upon SurvivorsIt is not possible to be too close. The DredgeOr getting injured by it.

WeThese leaks should be read with caution as they are not confirmed details. the game’s developer. ThereThere are many elements that could serve as placeholders for something more terrifying. With theSixth anniversary Dead by Daylight looming, it’s possible that Chapter24 and this is the new Killer will launch simultaneously since there’s always an anniversary event that brings back hundreds of lapsed players.

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