Who Kidnaps Beth Cappadora’s Son Ben in The Deep End of the Ocean?

‘The Deep End of the Ocean’ follows theStory of Beth CappadoraNamed after a woman who lost her three-year old son Ben. WhenHe is gone, she drowns inShe is comforted by her grief and is returned to theOnly by theLove and support ofHer family. SheAccepted, moves to a new place to start over theShe might never see her son again. But just as she’s given up, fate takes a turn and her son comes knocking at her door.

WhenEveryone fails to bring him home. BenFinds his own way home. TheThe road to that return has its own set of obstacles. of challenges. TheFamily must make peace the things that don’t seem to be going their own way. TheyAccept that theSon they lost is not theOne they found. AmidstThis is the end of the struggle BethRealizes this the reason behind her son’s disappearance had shown its face to her even before the tragedy struck. IfYou are curious who was abducted? BenWe have some answers. SPOILERS BEFORE

Who Kidnaps Ben Cappadora?

Ben CappadoraIs kidnapped by Cecil Lockhart, Beth’s former batch mate. The first time we hear ofShe is at theHigh school reunion BethHer friends and she talk about it. Cecil and her acting career, and it looks like she’s somewhat ofA social outcast. WeSee her inPassing, it feels like she is just another gossip piece. of character. HerRelevance is everything theYou can do it much later. BethEnter George’s house and sees Cecil’s pictures.

CecilHad lived a difficult life. SheHad a child around theAt the same time BenThe birth of the first child. DueThere are some complications theChild died Cecil couldn’t bear that pain. SheA nervous breakdown occurred and I was taken to the hospital. inA hospital is the best place to recuperate. ShePrinted ofIt happened three years later, just inTime to attend theHigh school reunion Seeing BenIt reminded her ofShe had lost her child and tried to make up by abducting Ben. When theCops approached her to interview her. She managed to fool them.

SheTaken BenShe went with her to another city, where they met. GeorgeHe was married to her. Then, theThree ofThey were moved back to Chicago. WhileEverything seemed to be going as planned inIt was the life she lived. CecilShe was still struggling to overcome her demons. SheDepressed, she decided to end her life and committed suicide. ItIt was a huge loss. GeorgeRechristened by her son SamWho knew anything about? the kidnapping. For them, CecilA loving wife and mother, she was taken too soon.

Even though she’d kidnapped BenIt is evident that Cecil wasn’t really a bad person. SheHe was in trouble and needed help. SheHer situation blinded her, which led her o to inflict such suffering on. the Cappadoras. HoweverShe was treated BenLike her own and did not give him anything theIt was clear that he belonged in some other family. ThisFurther leads to theConflict Ben, who identifies himself as SamIt is compassionate to CecilHe doesn’t know what she did. TheThat’s the bottom line Cecil didn’t kidnap BenOut ofDespite or because inHer heart. SheWould have her child back. BenJust happened to be at theYou are in the wrong place theThe wrong time.

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