Who Shot Howard in Power Book III: Raising Kanan? Why?

PortrayedBy Omar Epps, Malcolm HowardIt is one of the most important characteristics of Starz’s crime-drama series ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan,’ the prequel and second spin-off to ‘Power,’ Set inThe 1990s in South Jamaica, QueensThe series is centered around the early years of Kanan Stark, a major antagonist and later antivillain inThe original series that depicts his transformation from a promising high school student into a fearsome drug lord. AccordingWe are proud of what we have seen in the inaugural season of ‘Raising Kanan,’ HowardIt is most likely that will play a crucial role inThis is the transition. In the season 1 finale, ‘Paid in Full,’ HowardGet shot. InThe season 2 premiere, ‘Back in the Day,’ we find him struggling inThe aftermath. IfYou may be wondering who shot it. HowardWe have you covered. SPOILERS BEFORE.

Who Shot Howard?

WhenThree months have passed from the shooting of the first season, and the second season is now underway. HowardThis time he has spent. inHe is now in hospital, recovering from his injuries. He claims he has amnesia and doesn’t remember who shot him and why. HoweverHis actions throughout the first episode of the series suggest otherwise. OneOne of his doctors tells him to his partner Shannon BurkeWhile Howard’s memory loss is surprising, it’s not completely unexpected. HeExplains that the human brain is a mysterious, fascinating machine that suppresses trauma and burys unpleasant memories. HeEven states can say that this is what happened HowardIt’s as close to a miracle that you can get.

WeThat is what I learned HowardHad cancer inSeason 1. InThe intermediate three months HowardHe has been diagnosed with cancer after he received a bone-marrow transplant. in remission. Although HowardWhile he claims he doesn’t remember what happened, his actions after he was discharged from the hospital are quite different.

ItWas KananWho shot? Howard inThe season 1 finale. His mother, Raquel, made sure that her biggest rival was defeated UniqueThey would be held responsible. UniqueWhile RaquelSend KananTo Virginia Beach. InSeason 2 premiere: She brings him back to New York CityAfter hearing that, HowardHas amnesia. MeanwhileAs multiple witnesses have located him elsewhere from the spot where HowardShot at the time of incident Uniqueis released from police custody DespiteWe believe his claims. HowardYou can watch KananFrom his car. EvidentlyHe does remember something.

Why Was Howard Shot?

KananShot Howard on his mother’s instructions, not knowing that the man is actually his biological father. In episode 9, titled ‘LoyalTo the End,’ HowardAnd RaqIt appeared that they had come to an agreement. SheWe would love to hear your story. KananThat HowardHe was his biological father. In exchange, HowardThis would ensure the ThomasSiblings and KananThe law enforcement will treat you with leniency. UniqueHis crew would have problems running their business.

HoweverAs we will learn later, RaqShe had no intention of compromising her side of the bargain. InIn fact, it appears that she wanted to make certain that HowardShe knew how much he resent her when he sent their son to murder him. It’s no wonder KananIt turns out that he is the right person for the job inThe original series. HeHis mother taught him everything.

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