Who Were Joseph Duncan’s Victims? How Many Did He Kill? How Did He Die?

Joseph Edward Duncan’s horrific crime spree ended in July2005: He was arrested at a restaurant in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. ItThis was also the city in which he killed a family and kidnapped 2 children. Investigation Discovery’s ‘People Magazine Investigates: Groene Family Massacre’ focuses on Joseph’s various crimes and the other young children he killed. So, if you’re curious about the same, we’ve got you covered.

Who Were Joseph Duncan’s Victims? How Many Did He Kill?

On May16th 2005: The authorities raced to a rural property in the vicinity Coeur d’AleneThree bodies were found. 40-year-old Brenda GroeneWas found murdered along with her 37-year old partner MarkMcKenzie and her 13-year-old son Slade. TheyThey were then bound with zip ties and duct tape, and then bludgeoned with a hammer. AtIt is now, Brenda’s two other children living there, 9-year-old Dylanand an 8-year-old ShastaThey were not to be found.

SladeAnd Dylan Groene

TheThe search for the children continued for several weeks, until finally it was found. ShastaIt was found at a diner. July2, 2005, with an older gentleman. HeAs Joseph DuncanThe man who had just been killed Shasta’s family and took her with her brother. TheThe little girl kept track of everything that happened and shared it with the police, providing vital information. AfterBeing taken from their homes. JosephThe kids went to a remote campsite. Montana’s Lolo National Park.

There, ShastaHe recalled being threatened and sexually abused. JosephBeat, molested, threatened, and then executed the two children DylanBy shooting him in his head with a shotgun. After that, he put the young boy’s body in a tarp and burned the body. LaterHe enlisted Shasta’s help in carrying her brother’s ashes and disposing of them into a pipe that led to a river. ThereThere were videos of JosephYou are committing abuse.

Who Were Joseph Duncan’s Victims? How Many Did He Kill? How Did He Die?
Anthony Martinez

AccordingTo the little girl JosephShe was returning her to her family when the arrest took place. SoonThe authorities discovered his extensive criminal record. In 1980, JosephAt the age of 16 he stole guns from a neighbor and ammo while he was still living in his home. Tacoma, Washington. ThenHe sexually assaulted and kidnapped a 14 year-old boy. For that, JosephWas sentenced to 20 year imprisonment, and served 14 years in prison before being released on parole. HoweverAfter violating parole restrictions, he was sent back to prison for three more years. JosephMoved to Fargo, North Dakota2000.

There, JosephHe was enrolled at university and was later charged with another sex offense in 2004. ItIt was reported that he had molested a 6-year old boy at a playground in 2004. Minnesota. While JosephHe was released on bail after which he fled the area and did not tell the police. EventuallyHe was found in Idaho. TheAuthorities also found a blog believed to have been written by Joseph. InHe claimed he wasn’t a pedophile because it was something he had done many times as a child, and believed it was normal.

Who Were Joseph Duncan’s Victims? How Many Did He Kill? How Did He Die?
Carmen CubiasAnd Sammiejo White

JosephAlso, he talked about taking revenge on society for sending his to prison. He added, “My intent is to harm society as much as I can, then die.” TheAuthorities discovered that JosephIt was planned to kidnap and kidnap children. MontanaBefore you go to Idaho. The GPS in his car showed him multiple waypoints in multiple states. All of these locations had children. Josephstumbled upon ShastaAnd DylanPlaying outside their home, they staked out the area for a few days and then went in to kidnap.

WhileIn custody JosephThree other people were killed by him. In 1996, 9-year-old Carmen CubiasThe 11-year-old Sammiejo WhiteLived with their mother at a motel Seattle, Washington. OneThey went to a nearby restaurant for dinner that night but never returned. TheirThe skeletal remains of the victims were found over a year and half later. JosephThey claimed that he kidnapped them and hit them with a crowbar. In1997: He kidnapped a 10-year-old Anthony MartinezFrom a street in Riverside County, CaliforniaHit him with a rock in the head. HisThe body was found underneath some stones Berdoo Canyon, CaliforniaAbout two weeks later, he was dead.

How Did Joseph Duncan Die?

In 2006, JosephPled guilty for the killing Brenda, Slade, Mark. ThenThe following year, he pleaded guilty for kidnapping and sexually abuse. DylanAnd ShastaYou can also kill Dylan. In California2011 JosephIn court, killings were admitted AnthonyAnd was sentenced to life without parole. AsWhat happened in IdahoThen, across state lines JosephIn addition to being sentenced to death three more times, he also received many life terms.

Who Were Joseph Duncan’s Victims? How Many Did He Kill? How Did He Die?

While on death row, JosephShe was diagnosed in stage IV brain cancer, and had to have surgery in 2020. LaterHe refused to undergo chemotherapy or radiation. SinceThe cancer was advanced and the doctor had to intervene. November 2020 estimated JosephWould not live beyond one year. HeThe death occurred in the early hours. March28.2021 at a hospital IndianaAt the age 59.

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